PRAGER: Explaining The Left, Part VI: Do Leftists Believe What They Say?

PRAGER: Explaining The Left, Part VI: Do Leftists Believe What They Say?

For those of you who don’t know Dennis Prager, he is a brilliant conservative thinker who has the ability to get efficiently to the heart of a matter.  Through his videos, he has approximately 5 minute clips which explain.

“Why does the left lie?”  As perplexing and frustrating as this question might actually be, it’s what we experience in our daily lives.  While we’re gobsmacked at what we hear, the left believes they’re sincere in issue of the day – facts are irrelevant, emotion is king explains Prager.

“There are two main reasons.  One is that leftists deem their goals more important than telling the truth.” “The second reason is leftism is rooted in feelings, not reason or truth. From Karl Marx to Bernie Sanders, left-wing preference for socialism over capitalism is entirely rooted in emotion.”

“Do leftists believe there are more than two sexes? “Of course not”, explains Prager.

“Do leftists believe global warming will destroy the world as we know it in 12 years, as recently suggested by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? How many leftists with beachfront property anywhere in the world have sold it?”

“The left tells us that colleges are permeated by a “rape culture,” yet virtually all left-wing parents send their daughters to college.” 

Then why do they promote this? Prager explains:

…on the left, truth is subservient to two higher values: doctrine and emotion.