Good News! The Wentworth Report has a New Editor

Good News! The Wentworth Report has a New Editor

“Wentworthmaven” (one of our regular contributors) has very kindly offered to do some editing on the Wentworth Report.

Please continue sending in story ideas to

In addition, we will be encouraging you to make your own posts. Think of it as 21st century literacy. Once you get the hang of it, it doesn’t take much longer to put up a short post than to send an email. The post can just be a link, though a pithy comment is nice. You just need your browser, internet access, and some content that others might be interested in.

I’ll be sending invitations to the regular contributors, and some guidelines with plenty of screen shots. Anyone else considering posting, please contact us.

(Wentworthmaven is not going to put up as much as I did. Please consider posting it yourself if you have something juicy!)

Also, I’ll continue to post a little, as time permits.

Let’s see how it goes.

David Evans