Justice and Propaganda in Woke America

Justice and Propaganda in Woke America, by the Z Blog.

Maybe it is just me, but there seems to be an edge to everything of late, like everyone is a little more mad about things than normal. …

I suspect it has something to do with the Jusse Smollett story. Not in a direct way, as no one is surprised by the result. Well, the media is pretending to be surprised, but no one else. This is one of those events where there is the above the waterline story and a below the waterline story.

The above the waterline part is the fact that everyone knew it was a hoax and the people in charge bothered to acknowledge it. Usually these hoaxes get broomed and the only people following them are the weirdos who cater to the woke Dirt People. Without Steve Sailer, no one would know about Haven Monahan. Heck, most people still don’t get the reference or they have forgotten it, along with the whole story. That’s how good the media is at controlling the minds of most Americans. Propaganda works.

The below the waterline story is that Smollett is going to get away with it. Some BoomerCons will wave around this petty charge as vindication, like they are doing with Trump’s fake wall declaration, but people on our side know better. If it had been two white guys attacking a black, they would be facing life in prison. This clown, who cost the city millions and perpetuated this blood libel against whites, will end up with probation and a boost in his career. Notice he has not been fired from his job yet.

A growing anger is the price for people becoming aware of what’s happening to them, but it makes for a tense environment. A lot of CivNats are slowly realizing they have been conned, duped by people they trusted. This is not America, at least not the America with laws, rules and equal justice.

We’re a lot closer to where the Russians were 40 years ago than where America was 40 years ago.


Big media was so quick to fire Roseanne Barr for a dumb but legal tweet, but only reluctantly does Fox write Jussie out of two episodes, with the implication that they hope he only gets a slap on the wrist so they can use him next season.

Different rules for blacks and whites, different rules for liberals and conservatives. What’s going to happen next?

And the last word: