Why Autocrats Are Replacing Democrats

Why Autocrats Are Replacing Democrats

h/t Stephen Neil

The author, Patrick Buchanan, is himself quite a controversial figure in American politics and Wentworthmaven often substantively disagrees with him. This however does not mean he’s not both a brilliant commentator and insightful thinker. As I take the reigns and will hopefully only be an intermediate term spirit guide of this blog, I hope you will see that all realist points of view will be entertained.  Kudos to a most interesting article and in the words of the author –

“Whatever may be said of the autocrats, be it Trump, Putin or Xi Jinping, they are not talkers but doers. They act. And they may very well own the future.”

I might add, though in the eye of the beholder, to date, Mr. Trump has been blithefully benign. I fear the same cannot be said for “Don” Putin or “Chairmen” Xi…..