UPDATE: Future of the Wentworth Report

UPDATE: Future of the Wentworth Report

Thanks for the input to those of you who left comments or sent me emails. Maybe we can pull together some sort of community effort here. I am in discussions with some of the more frequent contributors. There are a wide range of possible outcomes. Please check back in a few days.

David E.

2 thoughts on “UPDATE: Future of the Wentworth Report

  1. David,

    Please hurry, Wentworth report has been my go to news site for the last few years and I gotta say I am missing it.
    Either way thanks for your hard work, it has been greatly appreciated.

  2. Same here as Anonymous, I can understand your stance on comments David. I still think you are up there with the best and it’s all very well for me to say that Australia needs people of your calibre to inform on such a wide and important range of topics. So I repeat my statement that I think some sort of paywall would be justified if practical, because it doesn’t appear so, I am prepared to pledge my subscription by way of an annual donation once you have made your decision.
    I would like to contribute in what ever small way I can at my age. All the best

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