Future of the Wentworth Report

Future of the Wentworth Report

The main theme of this century is the new left versus realism. On issue after issue, the left’s postmodernists promote a narrative. If, as they often say, there is no objective truth, then they think they are free to create their own fantasy world. So they did.

Conveniently enough, their narratives reward them with political power and material goodies. Any opposition to their fantasy world is viciously suppressed.

Their political project has taken the West by storm in the last two decades. The new left has come to dominate the opinion-forming organs of society. It has marched through and captured most of the institutions — the media, academia, the bureaucracy, etc.

But their narratives are not based on truth. Their version of the world is politically correct, but not correct. Their leadership of society will end in horrible failure at all levels, if not reversed. To that end, every realist voice counts.

Despite how it may appear in the mainstream media, we realists are in the majority. We have both truth and a huge history of evolved cultural success on our side. Nonetheless, we are bullied and shouted down by a noisy minority of self-serving cultural Marxists at every turn, because they own the media.

The Wentworth Report was established to be a voice for realism. Drawing on the most interesting articles anywhere on the web, we aim to articulate the realist case and give readers the cultural confidence to say something. It’s a valuable project.

The site averages over 200 views of the main page per day. In addition, individual articles get passed around and people find stuff by searching, for one or two hundred views per day on average. The site has had over 300,000 views since it began, almost three years ago.

The Wentworth Report has never been promoted. People just find out about us. It’s a fairly intellectually demanding site, so our readership are generally better educated and more influential than most.

But I cannot continue doing so much. It’s time for others to take over, or to close the website.

I need to finish the climate change book. Yes, it’s real. The crucial error in the climate models has been found, the research is essentially done, and it is largely written up. I’ve been saying it’s “soon” for a while, but there always seems to be more that needs to be done. It is a tricky scientific and political project, the opposition will be ferocious, and it has to be correct and immediately convincing. Merely pointing out the error is not enough.

In addition, a possible new part time job will increasingly take up my time. We could do with the money, because climate research in opposition to the carbon dioxide theory of global warming pays very little.

Does anybody else want to take over or contribute to the Wentworth Report? Numerous people regularly email me with suggested stories, several of whom stay anonymous. I could give any or all of you the permissions to pop them straight up on the blog instead. You could just put the title and a link to the story, maybe add a pithy comment, or you could even excerpt the most interesting bits. It could become a collective website, like Catallaxy or Instapundit. We all want to read a site like this, it’s fun to post up interesting articles for others, so why not step up? Email me if you’re interested.

I’ve switched the comments on below.

David Evans

14 thoughts on “Future of the Wentworth Report

  1. It’s a fantastic site David, and I’d like to contribute when I can and I trust many others will also post the little ‘gems’ and ‘nuggets’ of articles as they come across them in their own reading.
    I’ll email you for access to post now, and I urge others to do likewise, as my day is not complete without the Wentworth Report.

  2. David, For the past couple of years this site has been my favorite Australian blog. Have shared quite a few your articles with links to other similar like minded sites eg. The Irish Savant with my own ‘pithy comment’, and with excerpted intro. I find it therapeutic. I would be happy to contribute from time to time.
    Thank You and Good Luck with all your endeavors for the future.

  3. Hi David

    How about you see up a Twitter account and just post articles you think are interesting — no comment, as that’s the time consuming part? You won’t feel as guilty then 😛

    I run @AupolNews twitter account* and I just have to face the fact that I can’t even read all the articles I find interesting, let alone comment. I have to filter articles from headline alone and most of my posting is automated.

    I hope you find contributors to fill in while you’re absent. Yes, Catallaxy is a good model to follow. I was thinking of setting up a similar kind of collaborative blog, but I’ve got too many things on the go already.

    Could you put me down as a tentative contributor please? I say ‘tentative’ as I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to contribute, but we can find out! I can produce a top 5 or top 10-20 of popular tweets in last 24 hours that your other contributors can use to add their own comments on this blog.

    *I like to think of @AupolNews as an aggregator of alternative (NOT centre-Left/Far Left) media sources. Follow me on Twitter! (end shill)

  4. “Conveniently enough, their narratives reward them with political power and material goodies”

    Yes, but why would this be ? [The truthful answer here is horrible]

    “Their leadership of society will end in horrible failure at all levels …”


    I’ve appreciated the enormous effort in search and collation here.

  5. David as you say in most cases, we found you, so it wasn’t marketing and having done so one feels a sense of good fortune, the dawning that the quality of articles are consistent and so, regular readers we’ve become.
    It’s a pity but the thought about longevity has often been at the back of my mind. I supported Michael Smith news for quite a while, but sympathy, political revenge and justice was the main reason I was there, I am a supportive contributor of Morning Mail and a follower of the Cat and reader of many others.
    The Cat being a probable exception most of the others share this important paradox. The fact that they are more or less one man opps is the reason for their success and unless there is a source of successful progression or some means to pass on the batten or spread the load when the time comes there are limited alternatives.
    Other factors undoubtedly at play is satisfaction from producing something worthwhile. Success, pride and a bit of fatigue can make for a heady source of pleasure but in the end it must be funded, if it’s a business it must be profitable.
    I have about 65 years of successful business ownership but the world of media is a mystery to me so I can only say that I would support some sort of membership/pay for play system.
    I would like to add that I am in favour of a comment based publication. I do know this is perceived as hard work but I am credibly informed this is considered a must for community media and it should be reasonably controlled behind a modest pay roll (A-la Bolt) and is a wonderful for of advertising. Readers seem to love different points of view in order to reach their own conclusions.
    An eye could be kept on advertising revenue also as readership numbers are swelled by good constructive commentary.
    All the best.

    • I’d prefer comments too, but comments require moderating, due to libel laws, 18C, and trolls. So far people (other than me) have contributed by sending emails, comments, and original articles, but no one has yet graduated to wanting to put up posts directly. Because some contributors are anonymous, much of what goes out without attribution or appears to come from me is actually from others.

      The concept of the blog so far has been to be very economical on time to produce a lot of material. It originated from sharing emails with links and comments among a bunch of people.

      Yes, for the long term a busy daily blog needs either a small community of volunteers or sufficient donations to make it worthwhile for one person to do most of the work.

  6. I’ve really enjoyed reading the WR for the past few years, it has been one of my top go-to sites for news. Thanks for your efforts David, and all contributors. I’d be happy to pay for the privilege, I’d expect others will be as well.

  7. Our day is not complete without the Wentworth Report and we miss it very much! Thank you for your stellar effort and commitment each day David. We to would be prepared to contribute to see your site continue.

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