Australian PM bows to pressure over refugee medical transfers

Australian PM bows to pressure over refugee medical transfers, by Simon Benson.

Scott Morrison has bowed to demands for an independent medical review panel to vet asylum-seeker transfers from regional processing centres to Australian health facilities as the government faces the risk of a historic ­defeat on the floor of parliament next week over Kerryn Phelps’s medivac bill. …

The Prime Minister only last week warned that should the bill pass with the support of Labor, it would be the first step in dismantling offshore processing and a weakening of border security. …

In a letter expected to be sent to Bill Shorten today, and seen by The Australian, Mr Morrison has warned Labor of the dangers of backing a bill that would ­effectively hand border security over to two doctors. … “The amendments permit individuals on Nauru and Manus to gain entry to Australia on the say-so of any two doctors in this ­country.””

The push for more left-voting immigrants from the third world is warming up in Australia, despite our huge natural walls. Expect “refugees” to be a big issue of the next few years, as Labor fails to resist the lure of changing our demographics for electoral gain despite widespread democratic disapproval for such changes.

If Labor play their hand too early, before the next election, this issue might just lose them the upcoming federal election.

Not any more. Soon there will be a way.