The Left Rationalizes Late-Term Abortions Because Of Their Disturbing Core Philosophy

The Left Rationalizes Late-Term Abortions Because Of Their Disturbing Core Philosophy, by Andrew Klavan.

Now the Democrats in Virginia’s House of Delegates have introduced a bill that is called the “Repeal Act” because it would remove all existing restrictions on abortion in Virginia, and that includes permitting abortion in the last three months of pregnancy, eliminating informed consent — so even young people can get abortions — and clinic safety requirements. …

This permits late-term abortions to be performed in outpatient clinics and removes pro-life initiatives such as ultrasound requirements because you wouldn’t want to look at the baby before you exterminate it, and this has got the support of Virginia’s Democratic Governor Ralph Northam. So here is Democrat delegate Kathy Tran being questioned about the bill. You gotta listen to this, I mean listen to every word of this as she kind of dodges and ducks but ultimately has to admit the truth:

So that’s infanticide, right? That’s killing. I mean there’s no difference between a baby during labor and a baby after labor, after it’s been born, there’s no difference there whatsoever. That’s in keeping with the left’s underlying philosophy. I’ve always said this, that underlying philosophies eventually come out and they eventually hold sway … The underlying idea of leftism and of Marxism has always been materialism.

Let me put this into the simplest terms I can: This is the difference between materialism and non-materialism — I’m not even talking about Christianity, I’m talking about some kind of idea of spiritual truth, some kind of idea of moral truth. …

In my opinion, only the Marquis de Sade — who said basically since there is no God there is no morality why don’t we just torture each other for pleasure — only he made sense as an atheist as far as I’m concerned.

Being for or against allowing abortion is a touchy personal subject. It seems to depends on your personal attitude towards sex and your sexual strategy, which may even be innate and programmed into your genes.

Again and again the issue of abortion has proved not to be a vote winner. Roughly half the population wants to allow it in some circumstances, and roughly half wants it outlawed. People don’t shift their opinion much.

But very late term abortions are surely well beyond the pale for most people. There has to be a line somewhere, perhaps around 20 weeks. Allowing what is essentially infanticide will definitely lose the Democrats votes.

Klavan has a point about underlying philosophy. In so many ways the new left is threatening to return the West to pre-Christian days, when might made right — you could do whatever you could get away with, if there was no God and no judgement in an afterlife.

Here’s the best anti-abortion argument I’ve seen lately:

On the other hand, if I was young and female I’d want to have the right to choose, up to some reasonable point in a pregnancy.