Brexit: Shambles demonstrates why UK should leave the EU

Brexit: Shambles demonstrates why UK should leave the EU, by Chris Kenny.

Theresa May having to bow and scrape in Brussels, begging for more acceptable terms for her own nation’s departure from the grouping, is ample evidence of how the UK has surrendered far too much of its sovereign standing for far too little in Europe.

Those barracking for a second referendum and revelling in the difficulty of leaving the EU are only amplifying why Brexit is so important — how can they argue the EU has not usurped too much of Britain’s independence when the organisation effectively tries to dictate the terms of Britain’s exit?

Who’s the boss?

Public opinion is increasingly moving towards Brexit, according to the polls. Obviously the shockingly bad European behavior, and the observation above, have got Briton’s backs up. British politicians, ever sensitive to voter’s opinions, will be curbing their preference to remain in the EU.

hat-tip Stephen Neil