Australian judge calls on Muslims to publicly disavow violence in Koran

Australian judge calls on Muslims to publicly disavow violence in Koran, by Angus Thompson.

Justice Desmond Fagan said the lethal messages derived from “hostile passages” of the Koran were not effectively countered by suggestions from “various quarters” that the verses had been “cherry picked” or that Islam was an “interpretive religion”.

“The incitements to violence which terrorists quote from the Koran cannot just be ignored by the many believers who desire harmonious coexistence. Those verses are not ignored by terrorists,” Justice Fagan said.

He said there were sometimes assurances offered to Western communities that “Islam is a religion of peace”.

“But in the absence of express public disavowal of verses which convey Allah’s command for violence, as quoted in the jihadist literature tendered in this case, such assurances are apparently contradicted,” he said.

“Certainly that is how the matter is seen by jihadi propagandists and those who have followed them.”

Justice Fagan made the remarks on Thursday during his sentencing of Sameh Bayda and Alo-Bridget Namoa, a young couple, both 21, found guilty in October last year of conspiring to do an act in preparation for a terrorist act between December 8, 2015 and January 25, 2016.

Justice Fagan, who has presided over many terrorism-related cases, said the Islamic religion’s broad acceptance of the Koran without denouncing verses supporting “intolerance, violence and domination” would “embolden terrorists to think they are in common cause with all believers and indeed that they are the spearhead of the religion.” …

Justice Fagan said terrorists’ perceived scriptural support for their actions couldn’t be effectively rebutted by police or the courts.

“If the verses upon which the terrorists rely are not binding commands of Allah, it is Muslims who would have to say so,” he said.

Duh. About time!

The whole “Islam is a religion of peace” meme is just a PC fantasy spread by the left to assist their strategy for future electoral success, of importing anti-Christian, left-voting, third world immigrants into the West. The future cost is going to be awesome — just ask the Belgians.

Islam is a totalitarian ideology from seventh century Arabia, that includes a religion. It is supremacist; it explicitly aims to take over the world. The penalty for leaving Islam is death (what other religion has that feature?). It is a very strong culture — various states have attempted to reform it, but always the fundamentalists have reversed those reforms and returned Islam to its roots. 1,400 years and going strong — unlike communism, which keeps dying in a ditch in less than a century.

hat-tip Stephen Neil