Never Speak Ill of a Hate-Crime Hoaxer

Never Speak Ill of a Hate-Crime Hoaxer, by David Cole.

This is why I don’t for a minute miss my five years with the now-defunct Friends of Abe [the Gary Sinise-led organization of Hollywood “conservatives”]. In those bad old days [of 2010], we were forced to maintain a steadfastly neutral stance on matters involving race. There was a formula we had to follow when commenting on anything negative emanating from the black community or from a black individual: We’d say, “Oh, how sad,” and button it with “and the Democrats are the real racists.”

For the record, neutrality on race is fine with me; it’s how I conduct my personal life and business dealings. But neutrality doesn’t work when the other side is not neutral. Bias against whites is an actual thing, and Smollett’s hoax was a deliberate attempt to incriminate an entire group of people. And that group isn’t even allowed to celebrate when the truth comes out?

Jussie Smollett, anti-white race hoaxer

Smollett’s fraudulent claims could have provoked reprisals (last week, a leftist pulled a gun on a white couple in Sam’s Club because the husband was wearing a MAGA hat), but hey, bow your collective heads, whites, and don’t dare crack a smile at the fact that a racist scammer has been exposed. Don’t be angry about how his lies may have put people in jeopardy (because certainly whites are never the victims of interracial crime). …

But no. According to [“conservative” commentator S.E. Cupp], we must only speak of the Smollett incident in a hushed, solemn tone.

My time with Friends of Abe coincided with my work helping to organize Tea Party events. Upon reflection, I now realize how good we had it back then. Every big-money GOP donor and Fox News kingpin was on our side, because we stuck to their issues. Low taxes! Foreign wars! No socialized medicine! I don’t regret those years (as a Beverly Hills homeowner, low taxation is genuinely my No. 1 issue), but looking back, having the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson and Murdoch and Ailes on our side made a huge difference. We weren’t “Astroturf,” as Nancy Pelosi once whined, but we were on the side of big money. And yeah, we did some fine things. We killed the “public option” in the first, failed iteration of Obamacare, and we delivered huge midterm wins in 2010. But how much of that was really us, and how much was the mega-donors who like their rightists the same way they like their coffee — filtered?

These big-business “conservative” kingmakers love mass illegal immigration, and they hate talk of race, because race is divisive, and one of the cardinal rules of business and politics is, never be divisive when you don’t have to. ….

That’s why the big-money GOP swamp creatures hate anything on the right that appears racially divisive, and the mouthpieces who spout the safe conservative line echo that way of thinking. Democrat bigwigs thrive on racial division — it’s their lifeblood. But on the GOP side, racial stuff gets in the way of the issues that matter to the machine and its moneymen. So, we must speak respectfully of brown-skinned illegals, lest we appear racist. And we must never push back against antiwhite bigotry. Trump broke those rules in 2016, and it worked. …

I agree with Ann Coulter that Trump is fast becoming a lost cause. But as an optimist who prefers to view the man’s cavernous cranium as half full instead of half empty, I will say this: Along with two (and perhaps one more to come) SCOTUS appointments, the other good thing Trump did was allow us our giddiness. Whether it was by calling Maxine Waters “low IQ,” or stating what most white Americans secretly believe even though they can’t say it — that it’s better to have immigrants from civilized European nations than shithole Third World dumps — Trump gave us a few years of feeling free from the pressure to treat all minorities with the respectful awe usually reserved for religious icons. …

Trump’s agenda is in shambles, and his grassroots base, which never enjoyed the perks of my beloved Tea Party, is fractured beyond repair. But let’s not lose the spirit just yet.

Facebook Whistleblower: Staff ‘Deboost’ Unwanted Content – and I Saw Same Code Used on Conservatives

Facebook Whistleblower: Staff ‘Deboost’ Unwanted Content – and I Saw Same Code Used on Conservatives, by Lucas Nolan.

Recent Facebook insider leaks released by Project Veritas reveal that the social media giant’s demoting of conservative content isn’t just done by human moderators, it’s built right into the code of the website as a technical action called “deboosting.” …

The technical action she repeatedly saw … was labeled ActionDeboostLiveDistribution. Said the insider, “I would see [this term] appear on several different conservative pages. I first noticed it with an account that I can’t remember, but I remember once I started looking at it, I also saw it on Mike Cernovich’s page, saw it on Steven Crowder’s page, as well as the Daily Caller’s page.” …

The whistleblower alleges that the tag is designed to “deboost” content produced by the pages it’s attached to, specifically suppressing the distribution of livestreams from that page.

A current Facebook employee confirmed to Project Veritas that the code could reduce a “video’s visibility in news feeds, remove sharing features, and disable interactive notifications.” … The Facebook insider stated: “With these ‘deboost live stream’ things, there was no warning sent to the user… These were actions that were being taken without the users knowing.” …

The insider also noted that very few left-wing pages had been hit with a deboost tag: “I looked at the Young Turks’ page, I looked at Colin Kaepernick’s page, none of them had received the same deboost comment,” the insider stated.

The “deboost” tag appears after another tag titled “Sigma” which refers to an artificial intelligence system developed by Facebook to block potential suicide or self-harm posts.

hat-tip Charles

Tommy Robinson Turns the Tables on the BBC

Tommy Robinson Turns the Tables on the BBC, by Bruce Bawer.

Tommy Robinson’s courageous truth-telling about Islam has not only resulted in years of harassment by the British authorities, an endless cascade of death threats, and, last year, a thoroughly unjust prison term that might have spelled his demise, but also, of course, a pattern of coverage by the mainstream media that has been almost uniformly deceitful and poisonous.

When he heard that the BBC series Panorama, which is the UK’s answer to 60 Minutes, was planning a story on him with the working title “Tommy Takedown,” and that its producers were collaborating with the vile group Hope Not Hate (HNH), which is Britain’s version of the Southern Poverty Law Center — i.e., a shady far-left smear machine masquerading as a noble monitor of bigots, fascists, and hate groups — he decided to go on the offensive. …

Tommy, whom [Panorama reporter John Sweeney] has been nagging for weeks to do an on-camera interview, agrees to sit down with him at a site of Tommy’s choosing — a room furnished, as it happens, with a big screen.

Before Sweeney can start asking questions, Tommy, who has brought his own cameraman along, sets about interrogating Sweeney. For instance, he asks Sweeney whether he’d ever tell any interviewee what to say about Tommy. No, Sweeney assures him. Tommy then directs Sweeney’s attention to the big screen, where Sweeney can be seen in [Lucy] Brown’s undercover video spelling out to her in some detail the three points about Tommy that he’d like her to make during their on-camera interview. If she covers those three points, Sweeney tells her, he guarantees they’ll be included in the final cut. Indeed, he pretty much writes her a script. Sweeney also asks Brown if there’s anything she doesn’t want him to ask her on-camera, and adds: “I’m not supposed to ask this.”

So it goes again and again: Tommy poses a question; Sweeney answers it with a firm no; Tommy then shows him an undercover clip that proves him a liar. ..

It showed BBC headliner John Sweeney up for the manipulative, dishonest operator that he is. …

“You’re fake news,” Tommy shouts at Sweeney. “You’re a classist, elitist … You’re a liar, you’re a fraud, you’re a racist, you’re a homophobe … You were trying to destroy my life!” The accusations are as true as can be, and the spectacle of Tommy hurling them directly, eloquently, and fearlessly into the face of this befuddled BBC boob is delicious — at once powerful and poignant, a textbook example of speaking truth to power.

Read it all, for the whole satisfying comeuppance.

How To Fake A Hate Crime And Get Away With It

How To Fake A Hate Crime And Get Away With It — Lessons for Jussie Smollett and the Left. By Daniel Greenfield (Frontpage Magazine).

To those who have not read Daniel Greenfield, Wentworthmaven believes he is one of the best conservative writers of our day. I actually had the pleasure of meeting him recently in Los Angeles.

Greenfield posits:

Why did Jussie Smollett do it?” a thousand anxiously clueless progressives ask. To paraphrase Willie Sutton, because that’s where the money is.

Smollett’s Undoing:

The worst possible place to fake a hate crime is in an African-American city. Black cops don’t suffer from white guilt and have very little patience for fake racist hate crimes.”

Smollett’s Further Mistake:

The best place in America to fake a hate crime is still a campus. That’s why hate crime hoaxes occur most frequently on college campuses where they’re usually treated as victimless crimes.

The Entertainment Value – Political Theatre:

It’s not surprising that a celebrity would have executed a hate crime hoax. The primary motivation for hate crime hoaxes is political narcissism.”

The Left in Western culture today has little left in its arsenal to fling the way of the realists. As such, they hitch their wagon to what many have monikered, “The Grievance Industrial Complex”. A perfect marriage between Marxist/Leninist doctrine, the “Fake News Media” and the second tier minions who benefit from it financially. The Smolletts of the world have an absolute need for attention via the theatrical — a perfect melange of the Left’s ideology and Hollywood. (I know, I grew up in it!)

Denmark to focus on repatriation instead of integration under new law

Denmark to focus on repatriation instead of integration under new law, by Emma R. (Voice of Europe).

h/t Stephen Neil

A Return to Sanity, is there hope?  Very much along the lines of the article posted below by Douglas Murray, the Danes finally seem to have discovered (and hopefully not too late), that their previous integration of Islamic culture did not end up being the melting pot the political left had assumed.

Read the link for a refreshing tale of how at least some are fighting back to save their very way of life.

Must We Really Be Careful What We Do Lest We Offend Extremists?

Must We Really Be Careful What We Do Lest We Offend Extremists? By Douglas Murray (Gatestone Institute).

In Douglas Murray’s book, The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam, he elucidates in a clear and concise manner what madness Western civilization is doing to make itself go the way of ancient Rome.

In this article, Murray uses the celebrity de jour in the UK, Shamima Begum, to tell us how both sides of the political aisle seemingly cannot help themselves. Despite all evidence, those in power cannot seem to fathom that re-admitting people who are un-repentant and have stated clearly their intentions to destroy us is — simply and astonishingly — not in our best interests.

As Murray notes:

Britain, in recent days, has had a rare distraction from its seemingly endless Brexit debate. The distraction, however, has not been an altogether welcome one. It involves the case of Shamima Begum, one of a number of girls who left their school in Bethnal Green in London in 2015 to go and join ISIS. …

Now, members of the British media have caught up with Shamima Begum, who is living in a Syrian refugee camp. The interviews she has given, in which she has expressed no remorse for her actions and has described life in the Caliphate — which included seeing severed heads in trash cans — as not especially troubling, have not helped her in her request to return home to Britain.

The Strange Death of Europe and the West indeed.

Public-Private Propaganda

Public-Private Propaganda, by the Z Blog.

Propaganda works on the assumption that most people yield to the authority of the state and most people yield to the opinions of their fellow subjects. Propaganda does not have to convince everyone or even a majority of everyone. It just has to work on that third that are ready and willing to believe. That group will be enthusiastic enough to convince the third that tends to follow the strong horse, even when in doubt. The third prone to skepticism is then outnumbered and less inclined to speak up.

In the modern age, liberal democracies are not going to have ministries of truth or official propagandists. …

Joseph de Maistre observed that “false opinions are like false money, struck first of all by guilty men and thereafter circulated by honest people who perpetuate the crime without knowing what they are doing.” The best propaganda is therefore struck by the believers in the private realm and circulated by honest people, who have their desire for truth perverted into a vehicle for spreading falsehoods. …

This story about the alleged rise in female infidelity shows how the privatization of propaganda is vastly more effective than what you see from authoritarian regimes. The people in charge merely have to favor certain information over others and the media bullhorns magnify these preferences. For example, on Amazon you can buy The Unabomber’s Manifesto, but you cannot buy Greg Johnson’s The White Nationalist Manifesto. The people in charge are indifferent to the former, but not the latter.

The volunteer army of box wine aunties that stalks social media looking for blasphemers is another example. You’ll note that the overwhelming majority of left-wing agitators on-line are unattached females looking for attention. The propaganda machine has weaponized unattached females, turning them into enforcers of the orthodoxy. …

This system that rewards the counterfeiters of truth and punishes the skeptics is not something created by design. It is a natural byproduct of liberal democracy. When the only authority is the general will, the fifty percent plus one, controlling public opinion became the point of everything. Once one ideological camp gains an edge, they leverage that by supporting their fellow ideologues and punishing their opponents. Bans The White Nationalist Manifesto Bans The White Nationalist Manifesto, by Greg Johnson.

On Sunday, February 24th, 2019, — the world’s book marketplace — banned my book The White Nationalist Manifesto.

Amazon did not merely decide to no longer stock the book. They also removed the product listing pages. So it is as if the book never even existed.

Amazon does, however, continue to sell the following works:

Really, one has to ask: Is there a book written by an honest-to-God terrorist or mass murderer that does not stock?

And let’s not even get into Amazon’s vast selections of pornography, sex toys, and drug paraphernalia.

Every other ethnic group is encouraged to have an identity, and indeed is lauded for it. Just not whites. And the left is so obviously whipping up anti-white sentiment and discriminating against whites. Hmmm.

George Pell: a case in which justice never had a fair chance

George Pell: a case in which justice never had a fair chance, by Greg Craven.

All my life, I have joined in the chorus that our justice system is the best in the world. With the case of Cardinal George Pell, I am not singing quite so loud.

It is not whether you like or loathe Pell, or even whether you think he is innocent or guilty. What matters is whether we have a system of justice that is exposed to extraneous pressure whenever some media outlet or social media alliance decides that someone is or is not innocent.

What the last year has shown is that the justice system can be systematically assaulted from the outside in a conscious attempt to make a fair trial impossible. This should terrify every citizen, because every citizen is a potential defendant.

Pell Verdict: Why I Don’t Accept It, by Andrew Bolt.

Cardinal George Pell has been falsely convicted of sexual abusing two boys in their early teens. That’s my opinion, based on the overwhelming evidence.

And my opinion is also based in part on how many times Pell has been accused of crimes and sins he clearly did not do.

But at last some of the truckload of mud thrown at him has stuck. It adds up to this: Pell, Australia’s most senior Catholic, has been made to pay for the sins of his church and a media campaign of vilification.

He is a scapegoat, not a child abuser. In my opinion.

How Pell Became the Vatican’s Sacrifical Lamb, by Miranda Divine.

It’s devastating because I don’t believe that Pell, who I know slightly and admire greatly, could be guilty of sexually assaulting two choirboys in a busy cathedral after Sunday mass when he was Archbishop of Melbourne in 1996…

How hard it must have been to find 12 impartial souls after the campaign of vilification against Pell over the past two decades and the carefully orchestrated drip feed of lurid allegations by Victoria police to selected media against the backdrop of shocking revelations of child sexual abuse by clergy around the world…

Anyone who knows how crowded and open is the sacristy at St Patrick’s Cathedral after Sunday mass must know the accusations are implausible. “Only a madman would attempt to rape boys in the sacristy immediately after mass,” said Pell’s legal team.

It is the word of one man, codenamed AA, against the word of Cardinal Pell.

There are no witnesses and evidence was given that the second alleged victim, who died long ago, told his mother that he had not been sexually abused while a chorister.

Remember the “repressed memories” convictions of the 1980s, which all turned out to be rubbish? The witch trials of two centuries ago? Outside social pressure and suggestion can lead jurors to convict.

This is all part of the cultural Marxist tearing down of the Christian basis of current society.

Finally, as it happens Pell was also outspoken against the carbon dioxide theory of global warming. Funny how people who speak out against that theory always seem to get taken down or shut up.