Opinion: Clinton headed for landslide of North Korean proportions

Opinion: Clinton headed for landslide of North Korean proportions, by Darrell Delamaide from August 2016. Those were the days, eh lefties?

The implosion of Donald Trump’s campaign as he continues to demonstrate that he lacks the temperament to be president has left Hillary Clinton virtually the sole electable candidate in our erstwhile two-party system.

That makes the United States a one-party state, at least for this presidential election, much like Russia, North Korea, China and other antidemocratic nations we look down upon.

Clinton nominated at the Democrat’s convention, 2016

As Trump digs his hole deeper, Clinton has wasted no time moving to the center-right where she is most comfortable, embracing neoliberals in the economy and neocons in foreign policy while abandoning the Bernie Sanders progressives who won nearly half the Democratic Party delegates. …

Progressives are seeing their worst fears realized as Clinton, now that she has fended off Bernie Sanders’s insurgency and secured the Democratic nomination, abandons any pretense of a progressive agenda. …

Progressive commentator Thomas Frank was even more, well, frank, in an op-ed for the Guardian headlined, “With Trump certain to lose, you can forget about a progressive Clinton.”

“As leading Republicans desert the sinking ship of Trump’s GOP, America’s two-party system itself has temporarily become a one-party system,” Frank wrote, and that one party has foisted Clinton on us in an undemocratic and corrupted process that “bears a striking resemblance to dynastic succession.”

A reader comments:

Why do we need political experts? Do you remember the Clinton hype?