Jury awards Sen. Rand Paul upwards of $580,000 in civil suit against neighbor

Jury awards Sen. Rand Paul upwards of $580,000 in civil suit against neighbor, by Laurel Mallory. In November 2017 Senator Rand Paul was assaulted by his neighbor, during a time of several violent incidents against non-PC people by enraged lefties. From 2017:

Republican Senator Rand Paul was the victim of a physical assault in his Kentucky home, suffering minor injuries. The perpetrator, reportedly Paul’s neighbor and a registered Democrat, has been arrested.

Rand Paul was “blindsided” by the attacker … the altercation … left Paul with difficulty breathing as a result of a “possible rib injury.” He is also said to have suffered bleeding from cuts around the mouth, according to the website. …

Boucher is an anesthesiologist …

Jeff Jones, a registered nurse who worked with Boucher at the Bowling Green Medical Center, described Boucher’s politics as “liberal.”

“He was active on social media and said some negative things about the Republican agenda,” Jones said. …

The neighbors had been known to have “heated discussions” about health care, Bullington said, adding that Boucher is an advocate of a national health system.

Today’s news:

Paul sued his neighbor, Rene Boucher, after the 2017 attack left him with multiple broken ribs. The senator sought up to $500,000 in compensation and up to $1 million in punitive damages.

The jury awarded Paul $7,834.82 in medical damages, $200,000 for pain and suffering and $375,000 in punitive damages — totaling $582,834.82. …

In 2018, Boucher pleaded guilty to the assault and was sentenced to 30 days in jail.

Senator Paul recovered, the news is good, justice was done.

Glenn Reynolds:

Remember, when they do their “have you no decency” bit, they never have any decency of their own.