Experts Claim Every Kind of Weather Proves Global Warming Is Fer’ Real

Experts Claim Every Kind of Weather Proves Global Warming Is Fer’ Real, by John Nolte.

The US is undergoing a cold snap at the moment. For the last three years, each year’s cold snap has been more severe than the last. From Anthony Watts:

Desperately cold weather is now gripping the Midwest and Northern Plains of the United States, as well as interior Canada. The culprit is a familiar one: the polar vortex. …

Forecasters are predicting that air temperatures in parts of the continental United States will drop to their lowest levels since at least 1994, with the potential to break all-time record lows for January 30 and 31. With clear skies, steady winds, and snow cover on the ground, as many as 90 million Americans could experience temperatures at or below 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-18° Celsius), according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

Warnings abound that even ten minutes of exposed skin can give you frostbite.

The Great Lakes of the USA, yesterday.

Let’s change gears from reality to spin/politics:

Naturally, this launched a million reactionary headlines from our oh-so objective, unbiased, not-at-all left-wing media.

“Look at This Embarrassing F*cking Moron,” screamed Esquire.

“Debunking the utter idiocy of Donald Trump’s global warming tweet,” pouted CNN.

“Here’s Why the Crazy Cold Temperatures Prove Global Warming is Real,” Forbes says reassuringly.

“What Trump keeps getting wrong about Global Warming,” the Washington Post helpfully reports.

But here is my personal favorite headline from, where else?, NBC News…. “Yes, it can be this cold outside in a time of global warming.”

There are three Party slogans in George Orwell’s 1984, his masterpiece about an all-controlling centralized government that runs on lies, terror, and propaganda. See if you can pick out which Party slogan I invented among the four:

  • War is Peace
  • Freedom is Slavery
  • Ignorance is Strength
  • Frigid Weather Means Our Planet is Getting Warmer

The Climate Hoaxsters say that this run of cold weather does not mean the planet will not warm over the course of years, which would sound reasonable if these were not the same Climate Hoaxters who told us Global Warming meant the “end of snow,” or that this winter would be “warmer-than-average,” or that a run of warm weather last winter proved the planet is warming. …

You see, last year our Climate Hucksters told us a run of warm weather proved the planet is warming, which means we all have to give up our freedoms to a centralized government in order to save the planet. BUT… a run of frigid weather this year also proves the planet is warming and we all have to give up our freedoms to a centralized government in order to save the planet. …

Any student of history can look back and discover that all of history’s mass-murdering socialists — from Hitler to Stalin to Mao — have manufactured audacious lies and scapegoats as a means to consolidate power into a malevolent Central Authority.

Back to reality. I predicted in 2014 that the 2020s would be cooler than the 1980s. Global warming would turn to global cooling around 2017. See the reasons here, particularly Figure 2 here. So far we’re on track.

Btw, the Australian summer is hot but not especially hot this year, it’s just the BOM playing tricky with the numbers. In 1896 it was so hot over 400 people died of heat in Australia, but the BOM only start their “official” records in 1910. See here.

Meanwhile climate change is figuring prominently in yet another federal Australian election. It is the main reason given for PC “independents” standing against Liberals.

hat-tip Charles, Scott of the Pacific