President Trump is down, but not out

President Trump is down, but not out, by Michael Goodwin.

Battered, bruised and beaten, Donald Trump faces a grim reality. Halfway through his term, his presidency is at low tide.

The polls have cratered and his necessary retreat over using a shutdown to get wall funding had some erstwhile supporters spitting venom at him.

His usual tormentors, meanwhile, are riding high. Nancy Pelosi drew her first blood as speaker, Chuck Schumer kept Senate Dems in line and the anti-Trump media are celebrating the president’s pain. …

Still, Trump is not the first president to put himself behind the eight ball. Sooner or later, they all do.

The challenge now is a clear-eyed acceptance of reality and laser-like focus on the key question: What is my presidency for?

It’s not a metaphysical quiz. The goal is to separate fact from fantasy and see what remains possible in light of the national mood and the 2020 calendar.

What Trump cares about most, and what he should devote the rest of his presidency to, is obvious: fixing the immigration crisis, with border security the essential first step.

In large measure, it is why he ran and why he was elected. It is the heart of America First. …

Because there is nothing he can do to please the half of the country that hates him, he must do everything he can to win back those who were with him until the shutdown dragged on.

The longest in history, it cost him about 10 points in the polls. I believe most of those people can be won back if he stays the course on border ­security while expanding the ­focus beyond the wall and violent crime.