Armed teens descend on train station where mates were bashed by 30 youths

Armed teens descend on train station where mates were bashed by 30 youths, by Ben Graham.

Weapon-wielding youths yesterday descended on a Melbourne train station with baseball bats looking for another group of young men — who they accused of carrying out a shocking bashing and robbery.

And a furious father has lashed out at police officers — who he claims were helpless to save his teenage son and his mate being bashed and robbed by a group of up to 30 youths as they walked home from the cinema on Sunday night.

Anthony Ferrari took to Facebook to vent, saying his 14-year-old son Xavier had been set upon by the large group — who he describes as being of African appearance — at Wyndham Vale train station.

In the post, he wrote that his son was pushed to the ground and the group then stole his iPhone and necklace before bashing the teenager and his mate.

Mr Ferrari said two Protective Services Officers (PSOs) were nearby, but “just watched”.

How predictable. Has it happened like this, elsewhere in the world perhaps? Our dimwitted ruling class, denying obvious realities and desperately striving not to appear “racist”, has created a major headache for Australia.

Reader Philip:

In the absence of meaningful law enforcement, white gangs will form to fight black gangs. Now that’s diversity.

hat-tip Philip Barton