The War On Christians (Cont.)

The War On Christians (Cont.), by John Hinderaker.

The Left’s insane attack on high school kids from Covington Catholic School was not an isolated incident. It followed hard on the heels of, among other things, widespread attacks on Karen Pence for teaching art at a Christian school. These were skirmishes in a long war. …

Christians are squarely in the liberal crosshairs. As I wrote here, haters won’t stop with the Jews. They never do. Dreher correctly describes the objective of this particular campaign:

The New York Times is preparing people for a future in which Christian schools have to be closed by law, or stigmatized out of existence, for the sake of “safety.”

The public schools are now mostly about political and cultural indoctrination, not education–as their steadily declining quality reflects. Elite private schools are almost all the same, or worse, but Christian schools stand in the way of the Left’s indoctrination project. So they are slated for destruction.