Covington story was not about race but the powerful picking on the powerless

Covington story was not about race but the powerful picking on the powerless, by Tucker Carlson.

The powerful claimed it was about “privilege”:

Alex Cranz, an editor at Gizmodo, for example, wrote, “From elementary school through college, I went to school with sheltered upper middle-class white boys who could devastate with a smirk. A facial gesture that weaponized their privilege. Infuriatingly you can’t fight that effing smirk with a punch or words. We saw that as Trump smirked his way through the election and we’ll see it as that boy from Kentucky’s friends, family, and school protect him. I effing hate that smirk. It says ‘I’m richer, I’m white, and I’m a guy.'”

What’s so fascinating about all these attacks is how inverted they are. These are high school kids from Kentucky. Do they really have more privilege than Alex Cranz from Gizmodo? Probably not. In fact, probably much less. They’re far less privileged than virtually everyone who called for them to be destroyed, based on the fact that they have too much privilege.

But who are the “privileged” ones?

Consider Kara Swisher, for example, an opinion columnist at the New York Times. Swisher went to Princeton Day School and then Georgetown, then got a graduate degree at Columbia. She’s become rich and famous, in the meantime, by toadying for billionaire tech CEOs. She’s their handmaiden. Nobody considers her very talented. And yet she’s somehow highly influential in our society. Is she more privileged than the boys of Covington Catholic in Kentucky? Of course she is. Maybe that’s why she feels the need to call them Nazis, which she did, repeatedly.

So what’s actually going on here? Well, it’s not really about race. In fact, most of the stories about race really aren’t about race. And this is no different. This story is about the people in power protecting their power, and justifying their power, by destroying and mocking those weaker than they are.

Why? It’s simple. Our leaders haven’t improved the lives of most people in America. They can’t admit that because it would discredit them. So, instead they attack the very people they’ve failed. The problem, they’ll tell us, with Kentucky, isn’t that bad policies have hurt the people who live there. It’s that the people who live there are immoral because they’re bigots. They deserve their poverty and opioid addiction. They deserve to die young.

“It just beggars belief that the same liberals who fret about ‘micro-aggressions’ for 20-somethings were able to see 16-year-olds absorbing the worst racist garbage from religious bigots…and then express the desire to punch the kids in the face.

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hat-tip Stephen Neil