Lousy Chinese Schools Where “Everybody Cheats”

Lousy Chinese Schools Where “Everybody Cheats”, by Al Fin.

A quick search of the rankings of top world universities shows very few Chinese schools listed. Those which are ranked in the top 200 are very likely overrated due to the high levels of cheating which occur universally across China.

Each year, thousands of Chinese nationals are sent home from superior western universities due to cheating and poor scholarship.

In China, truthfulness is considered a defect and a handicap. This is not only true at the student level, but also among academic research and in society at large.

The very idea of coming to the aide or defence of a stranger is alien to the Chinese mind, where taking advantage of the weaknesses of others is almost universally practised.

There are charities in China — government charities that no one trusts, for example. As in Russia, in China charities are too often a pretense for the unscrupulous grifters to take advantage of the rare good intentions of the public. …

Some charitable and harmonious religions have made headway among the Chinese. Unfortunately the government too often jails practitioners of such beliefs and cuts out their organs while they are still alive and awake — for purposes of the giant Chinese transplant industry.

Communism also distorted the morals of eastern Europeans. It takes time for a society to heal.