Is our System of Government Just Too Big?

Is our System of Government Just Too Big? By Aaron Wolf.

By any historical measure, it is monstrously insane that the economic and social fortunes of families in Des Moines, or Rockford, or Texarkana should depend so greatly upon the political maneuverings of the federal Congress and the President of the United States.

I speak not of the principles of Austrian economics or abstract concepts of supply, demand, and incentive. I mean this: 325 million people should not be so utterly tethered to the policies dreamt up by far-away bureaucrats and haggled over by 435 “representatives” who wonder whether it is expedient for their re-election campaigns to pass a tariff, cut personal income-tax rates, subsidize “agriculture,” or fund abortion clinics and missions to Mars.

Plainly, this country is too large to be controlled by so few elected officials plus a host of unnamed career members of the Permanent State. By the measure of human scale, there can be no truly representative government in so vast a land, with so numerous and diverse a population, even if it calls itself a “nation.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil