Covington Kids Going To The White House

Covington Kids Going To The White House, by Hank Berrien.

On Tuesday, Nick Sandmann, the student from Covington Catholic High school who was at the center of the controversy with Native American Nathan Phillips last Friday near the Lincoln Memorial, confirmed to The Daily Wire that the White House has reached out to host the students. Sandmann said, “The President wants to send a plane down to get us.” …

CNN is still pushing its cultural agenda, despite having got this event so wrong in the first place because of blindly pushing that very same agenda:

Framing Trump’s support for the students in emphatically racial terms, CNN reported earlier Tuesday morning, “President Donald Trump is publicly siding with the mostly white students of a Kentucky high school who were engaged in a confrontation with a Native American elder that renewed a sensitive national debate about race relations in America.” …

Conversely, Trump simply wants to support the boys whom he thinks have been wronged.

The political battle over the latest cultural footballs is not over yet; they ain’t done with them yet. Good to see Trump willing to engage and stare down the left and their media. Trump of course is a cultural warrior genius who knows a good opportunity when he sees one.

Charles Glassier:

This story has got it all. Rush to judgment, confirmation bias, cowardly celebrity journalists, Social Justice Keyboard Warriors, the whole nine yards.