The inventors and purveyors of ‘Islamophobia’ have succeeded beyond their dreams in silencing criticism of Islam

The inventors and purveyors of ‘Islamophobia’ have succeeded beyond their dreams in silencing criticism of Islam, by Philip Salzman.

“Islamophobia” is an idea recently invented and defused by advocates and apologists for Islam for the purpose of silencing criticism of Islam. The term “phobia” indicates an irrational fear, which is how users of the term hope criticism of Islam will be understood.

As is well-known, criticism of Islam, of Allah, of Mohammed, or of the Koran is forbidden by Sharia law; violators (or even those unjustly accused) are subject per Sharia law to summary execution. Where execution for this offense is rarer due to its extralegality, such as in America and Canada, defenders of Islam have tried to avoid criticism by presenting themselves as unjust victims of persecution and by using moral suasion through the concept of Islamophobia.

Islamophobia has become a standard topic in Middle East Studies and Islamic Studies courses, often presented in conferences and publications as a great threat to the well-being of Muslims in North America. In reality, government statistics on religion-oriented hate crimes indicate that Jews are by far the most targeted group — and many of these cases are perpetrated by Muslims. Muslims are targets in a small minority of cases. …

Nothing to be afraid of here, nothing to see, move along:

Did not Mohammed spur the military thrusts of the great Arab Muslim Empire, which soon conquered land between India and Iberia for Allah? Does not the Koran divide the world into the Dar al-Islam, the land of peace, and the Dar al-harb, the land of infidels and war?

From the Koran to present-day Muslim imams and ayatollahs (read the word-for-word translations published by the Middle East Media Research Institute), a prominent theme is the commanded killing of infidels and the conquest of the world.

Robert Spencer:

The idea that opposing jihad mass murder and Sharia oppression of women, non-Muslims and others would be stigmatized and marginalized to the degree that it is today is breathtaking.

Most people now take for granted that any negative statement regarding Islam, even criticism of jihad terrorists, is “Islamophobic” and to be shunned and silenced.

And so the advancing jihad is essentially unopposed; most people are afraid to say a word. And the social media giants are steadily choking off all criticism of Islam; even MasterCard and Discover have now begun denying their services to those who dare to violate Sharia blasphemy laws.

hat-tip Stephen Neil