Is British PM May Losing It?

Is British PM May Losing It? By Bob, a reader in the UK.

The online headlines of the newspapers this morning and for the last few days on Brexit makes me wonder if Theresa has really lost the plot.

The Financial Times this morning highlights her planning a possible general election to go over the heads of MP’s to get support for her deal. The Telegraph also reports that diplomats are astonished by her approach towards the leaders of EU countries as she apparently has not changed at all what she is asking them. Yesterday several papers reported that her “consultations” with MP’s consisted of her demanding that they support her deal and refusing to listen to anything else.

Apparently, she plans to resubmit her deal to a fresh vote in Parliament next week. Perhaps she is trying to beat her record defeat! Sounds utterly bonkers to me.

I am uncertain how this will play out. I am fairly sure, however, that she will get pushed out if she tries to force a general election as it would be a tremendous gamble and I’m fairly sure it would be too courageous a step for most Tory MPs.

People are said to have started stockpiling things with drugs especially mentioned. I understand that there is now something of a global shortage of insulin because of British stockpiling.

Perhaps all the time wasted on trying to resurrect her deal might have gone into planning how to manage an exit with no withdrawal deal agreed.

Real negotiations only ever start when the deadline looms. Unless a loon is control:

Brexit news latest – Theresa May leaves EU leaders in ‘disbelief’ as she ‘fails to make any new Brexit demands’ since Commons defeat, by Jon Lockett.

THERESA May has stunned her European counterparts by failing to make any new Brexit demands — despite her own plan being overwhelmingly rejected by MPs.

It has been reported the under-fire PM left EU diplomats in a state of “disbelief” by not changing her doomed stance in the light of the humiliating loss. …

Her requests are believed to still focus around either a binding time-limit for the Irish backstop; a right for Britain to unilaterally withdraw, or a commitment to an agreed trade deal before 2021.

These demands were firmly rejected by the EU in December after leaders expressed doubts they would be backed by Westminster. …

Senior sources within the EU say her unchanged stance, and the fact she didn’t make any new demands, was “greeted with incredulity” following a call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

It’s reported her approach has sparked “diplomatic eye-rolling” in political circles in Brussels.