It’s Open War on Christianity

It’s Open War on Christianity, by John Hinderaker.

We have been writing about the growing anti-Semitism of the Democratic Party, but don’t kid yourself: the Left hates Christianity more than it does Judaism. The Left’s bigotry has manifested itself over the last few days in connection with Karen Pence, the vice-president’s wife. David French explains:

Karen Pence is a believing Christian woman. She took a part-time job at a private Christian school. And this, believe it or not, is a scandal. Don’t believe me? Her job has already merited not just one, but two critical Washington Post stories. There’s the obligatory CNN report, accompanied by a piece of commentary that argues the school is “like a real-life setting for ‘The Handmaid’s Tale.’”

Shockingly, the Christian church has teachings about sexual morality that are at odds with the Left’s celebration of homosexuality and sexual confusion. The Christian school at which Mrs. Pence teaches requires its parents to express agreement with Christian teachings on this and other topics. How scandalous can you get? The overt bigotry on display from members of the left-wing press is, in my opinion, shocking. This one comes from a CNN White House reporter:

David French:

I attended a Christian college, my oldest kids attended a dozen consecutive years of Christian schooling, I served a term as chairman of their school’s board, and I’ve represented Christian institutions for more than two decades, and I’ve never once seen a Christian institution declare that no gays are allowed.

Instead, many thousands of Christian schools have statements of faith and codes of conduct that require teachers and sometimes students and parents to agree with the school’s theological doctrine and comply with a code of conduct. They don’t say, “No gays allowed.” They say, “Here is what we believe, and here is how you must behave.” …

Freedom of association:

Immanuel is a church ministry applying the church’s theology. No one is forced to attend the church. No one is forced to attend the school. It’s a voluntary association that is protected by the First Amendment and rooted in the faith that guides the lives of tens of millions of Americans. …

There is no scandal at all if people who dissent from Christian orthodoxy form churches, organizations, and schools and hire like-minded people to advance their shared faith. It’s no scandal at all if they exclude people who disagree with their mission and purpose.

Is the Democratic party wrong if it excludes Republicans? Is a Muslim mosque wrong if it wants to be led by an imam and not a rabbi?

Not only is this not scandalous, but it’s also the exercise of a fundamental First Amendment right. If Lois Romano or Kate Bennett or any other Karen Pence critic wants to argue against Christian theology, then have at it. Most Christians I know welcome the dialogue. But if they want to condemn a woman for the free exercise of her Christian faith? If they want to argue that there’s something inherently wrong with orthodox Christians’ associating, worshipping together, and teaching their children? Well, then they’re exhibiting a deep intolerance that’s at odds with pluralism itself.

Marxism identified Christianity as its main enemy, way back in Karl’s day. The Marxists battle to turn a once-Christian society into one that they control and organize, and to do that they have to delegitimize the family and church and build up government. Notice any of that happening over your lifetime?