Support for UK politicians PLUMMETS as chaos reigns

Support for UK politicians PLUMMETS as chaos reigns, by Macer Hall.

Three-quarters of voters say the crisis-hit EU departure process has shown that the current generation of MPs are “not up to the job”, according to the data from polling firm ComRes. A root-and-branch overhaul of the country’s entire political system is wanted by a massive 72% of people quizzed in the survey.

But despite the chaos embroiling Brexit, a majority of voters (53%) still want the result of the 2016 EU Leave vote to be honoured by ensuring the UK’s withdrawal from the bloc and do not want a second referendum to be triggered. …

Their response is almost certain to be seen as a warning from the electorate that Parliament is at risk of losing the public’s trust completely. …

Only six per cent of voters agreed that Parliament was “emerging from the Brexit process in a good light”, the Daily Express ComRes poll found. Nearly four out of five (79%) of voters quizzed in the poll disagreed with the statement with very similar feelings among both Tory and Labour voters.

Only 10% thought politicians were in touch with the mood of the country while 74% disagreed. Two thirds (67%) of voters in the survey felt the political system did not enable their voice to be heard.

Less than a third of voters (31%) wanted Brexit cancelled or a second referendum on the UK’s relationship with the EU to be held. …

Nonetheless, watch the establishment try to wiggle out of this one. And the final note from this scolding is especially a slap in the face for the progressives:

The monarchy was one of the only institution in the survey that voters largely wanted to see unchanged. Two-thirds of voters were opposed to the Queen and the monarchy being replaced with an elected president while only 16% disagreed.

hat-tip Stephen Neil