Brexit: Power shifts as Tories willing to back Corbyn

Brexit: Power shifts as Tories willing to back Corbyn, by Greg Sheridan.

Because the EU will not countenance any deal May could get her Conservative Party to agree to, probably the only way she can deliver the Brexit scheduled for March 29 is through a managed no-deal, perhaps with a transition period.

But if she explicitly embraces a no-deal Brexit, Remainer cabinet ministers will resign and others will vote with Labour to try to make this option illegal.

If this fails, and it’s by no means clear such legislation could bind a government in an international negotiation, some may well vote against their own government in a no-confidence motion. …

We face the most intense parliamentary fortnight since Winston Churchill took over from Neville Chamberlain in World War II. …

You can check-out any time you like
But you can never leave!

The most likely alternative therefore is for May to beg the EU to extend the March 29 deadline.

But what price would Brussels exact for that?

It seems odd that the British Government negotiated with the EU other than on the basis of “what can you offer that is better than a no-deal exit”? Instead they let the EU dump an awful divorce bill on them, that still leaves the EU in charge of some British affairs!

This is incredibly obvious — it’s as if the British Government really didn’t want to leave.

Now the British Parliament is trying to talk itself into not obeying the result of the referendum. It’s pathetic, like the justifications of an addict to have “just one more”.

hat-tip Stephen Neil