Crushed Theresa May dares MPs to vote for General Election today after record Brexit defeat

Crushed Theresa May dares MPs to vote for General Election today after record Brexit defeat, by Hugo Gye.

The PM asked Labour to call a confidence vote in the House of Commons after 432 MPs voted to kill off the withdrawal agreement with only 202 backing her.

The crushing defeat — which saw 118 Tories turn against the PM — is the worst since the advent of full democracy and suggests Mrs May will never win enough support for her strategy.

As the PM faces the darkest moment of her career: …

  • MPs will today vote on whether to boot the PM out of office, which could spark another election just weeks before Brexit
  • The DUP and hardline Brexiteers said they would vote to keep her in power
  • Boris Johnson told Mrs May she must go back to Brussels and re-open the deal
  • EU leaders said the withdrawal agreement is the best on offer — but have NOT ruled out re-opening talks

This afternoon Parliament will vote on whether or not to unseat the Government — which would trigger a General Election set to take place just weeks before Brexit.

Mrs May is likely to win today’s confidence vote after the 10 DUP MPs who prop up her wafer-thin majority confirmed they will continue to back her despite opposing her Brexit strategy.

Boris Johnson also backed the PM — but only to keep Labour out of power.

Speaking in the minutes after her historic defeat, the PM said she was happy to fight against an attempt to unseat her — in a bid to wrest the initiative back from Jeremy Corbyn. …

Mrs May is under pressure from both sides with Remainers pushing for a second referendum while Brexiteers want her to go for No Deal as soon as possible.

Meanwhile EU boss Donald Tusk publicly called for a second referendum in an extraordinary intervention.