Why the Australian media lied about the Antifa extremists at St Kilda

Why the Australian media lied about the Antifa extremists at St Kilda, by Lucas Rosas.

It’s often tempting to blame ignorance or laziness for the continual inability of the Australian press to name the left wing extremist organisations responsible for almost all political violence in this country.

But after St Kilda on Saturday that’s simply not possible.

As the Unshackled showed yesterday the “counter rally” on the beach was organised, led and mostly composed of the most radical violent political extremists in Australia today. Almost every significant Marxist and Anarchist group in Melbourne had representation somewhere in the crowd.

Yet this is how the press described them:

ABC: “Anti racists clash with far right” …

News.com : “Far right groups clash with anti-racism protesters on St Kilda’s foreshore”

SBS: “Violence on St Kilda’s foreshore between right-wing extremists and anti-racism campaigners” …

The Australian: “A day after stemming violence on St Kilda’s foreshore between right-wing extremists and anti-racism campaigners”

The Age: “The shouts of anti-fascist protesters…The anti-racism protesters…Anti-racism protester Richard…”

So who are these self-styled anti-racist and anti-fascist extremists?

This counter rally was originally called on Facebook by Sue Munro, a radical extremist who has been a member, activist and spokeswoman for several Trotskyist groups and Trotskyist front organisations including the Socialist Party, the Victorian Socialists and the “No room for racism” group. She has a history of involvement in violent protests to shut down and attack right of centre rallies and events going back years. She attended the event with, and is a close associate of convicted murderer David Hollis.

The main body of protesters was organised under the banner of the “Campaign against racism and Fascism” by Socialist Alternative, the largest, best organised and most violent political extremist group in Australia today. Socialist Alternative is a Marxist group of the Trotskyist school, which means they believe the Soviet Union would have worked out fine if the (even more extreme) Trotsky had been in charge of the secret police rather than Stalin.

They are very radical indeed:

The aims of Socialist Alternative and other Trotskyist groups are simple and no secret, in the case of SAlt you can find them in the statement of principles displayed on their website. They aim to divide Australian society into warring camps, stir up conflict and eventually civil war between these groups and then use the disorder to come to power. They then aim to dissolve the police, armed forces and the judiciary and replace them with new, suitably “Marxist” versions under their total control. After that the next step is to abolish the electoral system, the parliaments, the flag, the constitution, the right to own private property, freedom of the press, freedom of religion and especially freedom of speech.

But the media whitewashes them, and blackens Anning:

Fraser Anning on the other hand, the man the media is currently having a furious two minutes hate over, wants Australia to revive a slightly less severe form of the immigration system we had before 1973.

Gee I wonder which of these two the average Aussie would say is the extremist?