St Kilda beach rally: far-right and anti-racism groups face off in Melbourne

St Kilda beach rally: far-right and anti-racism groups face off in Melbourne, by Lisa Martin.

Tensions reached boiling point at St Kilda beach in Melbourne as hundreds of far-right wing extremists and anti-racism campaigners faced off in a screaming match and minor scuffles broke out.

Scores of police including some with riot shields and on horseback were on hand to keep the groups apart. A police boat kept watch from the water and two helicopters circled overhead.

Blair Cottrell and Neil Erikson, the organisers of the far-right rally, said they had called it in order to “discuss” Melbourne’s youth crime and alleged African gang problems.

“Our country is under attack,” Cottrell said over a megaphone. “Africans are 77 times more likely to commit home invasion. That’s not racism, that’s a fact!” …

“The left-wing media likes to hang tags on us like neo-Nazis, racists and fascists, they are just ordinary hard working Australians who pay their taxes,” Anning told reporters.

“Australia has had enough. I think this is the start of something bigger. The revolution will eventually start. People have had enough of these people and they have got to be sent back to where they came from.” …

Some right-wing protesters wore Australian and Eureka flags as capes around their necks and chanted “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi”, and “rise without fear.”

Counter-protesters shouted “Nazi scum not welcome here”.

A man in a ute equipped with speakers and a megaphone drove down the Esplanade in St Kilda chanting “Sudanese are welcome, racists are not”. Right-wing protesters surrounded his vehicle, broke the speakers and ran off with the generator. …

Cottrell and Erikson were convicted and fined by magistrates in 2017 for inciting contempt and ridicule of Muslims by making a video in which they beheaded a dummy with a toy sword in a protest against the building of the Bendigo mosque. Cottrell has appealed the conviction.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison condemns ‘ugly racial protests’ in St Kilda, Victorian Police Minister Intolerant of “Nazis”. By Joe Hincliffe.

The Prime Minister has condemned “ugly racial protests” in St Kilda that were attended by an independent senator and organised by far-right extremists.

But Scott Morrison has stopped short of calling out independent senator Fraser Anning, who travelled from Queensland to attend the rally, despite a raft of high-profile politicians including Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville condemning his actions.

Ms Neville said the Queensland senator’s decision to attend Saturday’s rally was a disgrace and that the event had revealed a group of people who rallied “under the banner of law and order issues” in Victoria to be neo-Nazis.

“We have people who have died to eradicate Nazis in the world and we do not tolerate that here in Victoria,” she said.

Bill Shorten: Fraser Anning has no place in Australian parliament. By Ben Packham.

Senator Anning has denied he supports neo-Nazis in Australia and that any were present at the rally, despite attendees showing off SS helmets and doing Nazi salutes.

Organiser and convicted criminal Blair Cottrell, with whom Senator Anning was filmed next to at the rally, has also made statements supporting putting a picture of Adolf Hitler in every Australian classroom and giving students copies of Mein Kampf.

Independent Senator Fraser Anning has called himself a “supporter of the Jewish community” after he was widely condemned for attending a far-right rally attended by neo-Nazis on the weekend.

The Senator, who spent more than $3000 of taxpayers funds to attend Saturday’s rally at Melbourne’s St Kilda Beach, told the Seven Network today there was no place for Nazis in Australia.

“White supremacist” and “Nazi” are the favorite insults to shut down non-PC people and any sensible discussion involving race, now that “racist” is getting worn out.

In the anti-white racism of the new left, any racial consciousness for non-whites is celebrated (Black Lives Matter, Aboriginal welcome to country, etc) but damned for whites (“white lives matter” was recently voted down and condemned in the Australian Parliament). And of course “diversity” has become code for discriminating against whites and males.

It is now politically correct to discriminate against whites for their “white privilege”, whilst blacks and brown groups are pretty much beyond criticism. “Affirmative action” abounds, while meritocracy is so yesterday in the West. Anyone who disagrees with this is labelled a “Nazi” — with its implications of the holocaust and racial policies — by the politically correct mob.

The new left — and its captured organizations such as the media, academia, and bureaucracy — refuses to recognize any position in-between their anti-white agenda and the Nazis. Their political and rhetorical trick is to say that if you do not agree with them then you are a Nazi and a white supremacist. If you do not agree with them on race then they will not listen to you, they will try to evict you from any public space, and they will come after your income.

The new left will not even acknowledge that there are any arguments for positions in between anti-white and Nazi. They deny they exist. That leaves those of us who would prefer color blindness, meritocracy, and judging people on their individual merits labelled as Nazis and white supremacists.

Very short sighted Mr Shorten. You and your mates in the opinion-forming elites are forcing us to choose to either be anti-white or Nazi. Many are going to choose Nazi, and troll you with Nazi salutes and worse.

The number of true Nazis in Australia is probably in single digits. But the PC opinion makers are conjuring up a great Nazi scare, as if there are Nazis everywhere, who will burst out and take control unless the valiant left led by Antifa beat them back at every opportunity. Given that they think anyone who doesn’t agree with their anti-white racism is a “Nazi,” they have a point in a twisted sort of way — the West is indeed majority “Nazi”.

He’s trolling you, Mr lefty.

Everyone is against real Nazis, but it is the new left that has turned away from color blindness and now encourages different treatment depending on race. It is Antifa that behave like Nazi thugs, beating up and shutting down political opponents. We are not fooled by your misleading rhetoric and dishonest names.

UPDATE: Naturally the ABC 7pm News last night was very keen to talk about Nazis and how awful Mr Anning is. But, mysteriously, forgot to mention why the Aussies were holding the rally in the first place, or what they were saying. Obviously not important. The ABC immediately got to the real heart of the story, which is how brave the moral-vanity left are in fighting against the deplorable Nazis in our midst. Well done, taxpayer funded state broadcaster.