Australian Politics: Truth tellers, beware

Australian Politics: Truth tellers, beware. By Tina Faulk.

Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton was subjected by another kind of ordeal by media fire when his weekend criticism of former PM Malcolm Turnbull was taken up by the ABC and ran as headline news, as evidence of yet more disunity in Liberal ranks.

Dutton told the truth when he called out Turnbull “not have a political bone in his body” and as being more spiteful than Kevin Rudd. The ABC seized on this as yet another indication of Liberal malice against the former PM …

“In 2016 Malcolm ran the worst campaign in Liberal Party history and we ended up losing 15 seats and were left with a one-seat majority which just made the Parliament unmanageable. We were paralysed…Malcolm is charming and affable but he doesn’t have a political bone in his body.”

That was Peter Dutton speaking truth. And he paid the price as the ABC and the rest of the other Mal-contents fell on him for speaking what most silently acknowledge to be truth.

Dutton went further, The Liberal Party, he said, had become unrecognisable to supporters. “People who had voted for us for years had switched off…. Marginal seat members across the country believed we would lose and in the end MPs couldn’t walk down the street without people saying you have to get rid of him.”