Trump says he will be ‘proud’ to shut down the government for YEARS if he doesn’t get his Mexican wall

Trump says he will be ‘proud’ to shut down the government for YEARS if he doesn’t get his Mexican wall. By Francesca Chambers.

Donald Trump told Congressional leaders Friday that he will shut down the government for ‘months or even years’ if he does not get money for his border wall with Mexico — and said he was ‘proud’ to do it because it’s the right thing. …

Trump described his wall as a vital national security measure, and in a free-wheeling performance claimed that illegal immigrants were being driven across it away from ports of entry, in some cases with women in the back of their vehicles with their mouths taped over.

The president also disclosed that he had considered declaring a national emergency to build the wall without legislative approval and said: ‘I can do it, if I want.’ …

Trump has repeatedly claimed that Democrats are refusing him to have a platform to run on in 2020.

But the California Democrat has continued to be firm in her resolve that wall funding is not coming.

‘We’re not doing a wall,’ Pelosi said Thursday after she’d taken the gavel in the House. ‘It has nothing to do with politics. It has to do with a wall is an immorality between countries. It’s an old way of thinking. It isn’t cost effective.’

Democrat Spending Bill Offers $12 Billion More for Foreign Aid, $0 for Border Wall, by Rebecca Mansour.

The spending bills proposed by House Democrats to end the partial government shutdown offer no funding for a U.S.-Mexico border wall, but provide over $12 billion more in foreign aid than the Trump administration requested, according to a statement on Thursday from the White House Office of Management and Budget.

The statement warned the new House Democrat majority of President Trump’s intention to veto the bills, noting that the administration “cannot accept legislation that provides unnecessary funding for wasteful programs while ignoring the Nation’s urgent border security needs.”

Hard to see how the President, the House, and 60% of the Senate are ever going to agree on a spending bill.

It seems the fundamental political disagreement over the ethnic makeup and electoral future of the USA has found expression in its political system — open borders or a wall? This is the stuff of epic disagreement. Some people might die rather than give way. The world is at a critical juncture.