Rashida Tlaib’s First Day in Congress: ‘We’re Gonna Impeach the Motherf**ker.’

Rashida Tlaib’s First Day in Congress: ‘We’re Gonna Impeach the Motherf**ker.’ By Kyle Morris.

On her first day as a new member of the United States House of Representatives, Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) called on her colleagues to begin taking steps towards impeaching President Trump.

Tlaib was feted at a raucous reception later in the day by left wing advocacy group MoveOn.org. Her closing remarks there were, “We’re gonna impeach the motherfucker.”

In a brief written for her hometown newspaper that was published on Thursday, the same day America’s first Palestinian-American congresswoman will swear her oath to America using a 1734 English translation of the Quran that belonged to Thomas Jefferson, Tlaib says it is time to begin checking and balancing the president.

An excellent argument for importing millions more like her into the USA, in the eyes of some.

Glenn Reynolds:

Remember, Republicans “spew hate” while Democrats are “passionate.”

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific