Forget the wall — Democrats now hate the border itself

Forget the wall — Democrats now hate the border itself. By Rich Lowry.

It’s a wonder that Democrats haven’t staked out a negotiating position demanding the ­destruction of already-existing barriers along the US-Mexico border.

Their opposition to President Trump’s border wall — or, more properly, his so-called wall — is now so total as to be nearly indistinguishable from opposition to any serious infrastructure at the border at all.

The partial government shutdown is fueled by a clash of ­visions over, ultimately, the legitimacy of borders and, proximately, physical barriers to make our southern border more secure. …

Triggered as always by Trump, and growing more dovish on ­immigration almost by the hour, Democrats are treating the notion of a wall as practically a human-rights abuse.

President Barack Obama routinely droned people without generating as much high dudgeon as Trump does asking for $5 billion to better fortify our southern border.

Nancy Pelosi deems the wall “immoral.” … If a wall is immoral, what standing does the current 350 miles of primary fencing have? Isn’t it just as hateful as what Trump proposes? …

The wall isn’t the most important immigration enforcement measure. Requiring employers to verify the legal status of their ­employees would be much more consequential. But the wall has taken on great symbolic significance. What it denotes, perhaps more than anything else, is the growing irrationality of the Democrats on immigration.

Nothing irrational about it. How can the Democrats win future elections without more voters? The Democrats are deliberately setting out to destroy white European culture in the USA.