Do walls work?

Do walls work? By Lion of the Blogosphere.

That walls keep people out seems obvious, but naysayers insist that people can just dig under the wall, so what’s the point?

People can also get around locked doors, so what’s the point of locking the door to your house?

Seems to me that nearly all of the people who make the argument that walls don’t work are also in favor of liberal immigration policies, some to the extent of underhandedly trying to get to an open borders policy through non-enforcement of any immigration laws. Is there a single person who is strongly against immigration who says a wall doesn’t work? I don’t think so.

The wall is especially important so long as Congress refuses to change the policy that allows anyone to demand asylum once they set foot on U.S. soil and we aren’t allowed to deport them after that.

Democrats in Congress (along with some open-borders Republicans) … want to get to open borders through non-enforcement of the laws. They figure, eventually there will be enough open-borders people in Congress to grant a massive amnesty to all of the illegals. Or maybe, if they can put enough left-wing judges onto the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court will suddenly discover that illegals have a Constitutional right to stay here permanently.

Commenter Horace Pinker:

The main purpose of the wall is trolling. We need the wall because it will inflict intense psychological pain on loathsome people who deserve to suffer.