Australian Illegal Immigrants Arriving By Boat: New Chapter to Begin Soon?

Australian Illegal Immigrants Arriving By Boat: New Chapter to Begin Soon? By Chris Kenny.

The Coalition government this week closed another detention centre at Maribyrnong, taking the total shut down to 19 — Labor opened and filled detention centres in every state, and two offshore, last time it was in government. Under the Coalition the one-way traffic has been all in the other direction, emptying and closing detention centres. Judged by the emotive and sanctimonious rhetoric we hear from Labor, the Greens, church groups and the love media, you would think these facts were the mirror ­opposite.

Competitive virtue signaling brings forth ridiculous Hitler reference:

This week two high-profile priests, Catholic charity worker Father Bob Maguire and Anglican political activist Father Rod Bower, indulged comparisons between Australia’s Manus Island detention facility and Auschwitz.

Manus is how the Holocaust started,” Bower’s notorious church-front protest sign screamed, sparking condemna­tion from Jewish community leaders, government ministers and appalled citizens. In the social media debate that followed this factually absurd and morally odious analogy, the priests were supported by leftist journalists such as Mike Carlton, union leaders such as Sally ­McManus and Labor politicians such as Kristina Keneally and Brian Mitchell.

What will the expected Labor Government do?

This sort of fact-averse virtue-signalling from the Left only heightens fears about what would happen to our borders under a Shorten Labor government. Just as it did in 2007, Labor is promising to maintain secure borders but add a dollop of compassion — a recipe that proved disastrous.

Bill Shorten claimed victory at last month’s ALP convention because he (narrowly) defeated moves to amend official policy to reject boat turnbacks — a crucial operational tool that Labor refused to use in government, claiming it could never work and would trigger conflict with Indonesia.

Instead, the conference vowed to boost the refugee intake by another 5000 people on top of an earlier goal to raise the annual total to 27,000 — taking it to more than 15 per cent of our total immigration intake. …

This points to the core dilemma for Labor, this nation and the hapless potential customers of people-smugglers — no matter what a Shorten government says on this issue, it is its actions that will matter. Labor somehow will have to implement a policy that it has decried on moral, humanitarian, diplomatic, legal and political grounds for decades. All the while it will have to weather vicious criticism from far-left activists, churches, international organisations, some of its own MPs and the Greens MPs on whose votes it will rely in the Senate. Good luck.