Apparently, I live in Dumb—-istan. Let me tell you about it

Apparently, I live in Dumb—-istan. Let me tell you about it. By Dustin McKissen from 2017.


Though the narratives on the left and right are different, both are premised on the idea that your political opposite doesn’t care about you and wants to see your way of life disappear.

“Coastal elites” are glad to see Dumbf—istanians suffer a jobless, heroin-addled existence so long as we all understand which bathroom everyone should use.

Dumbf—istanians would prefer everyone who isn’t straight, white, conservative, and Christian make their way to Canada as soon as possible.

These narratives are both untrue and incredibly damaging. …

After the US Civil War, it is accepted wisdom is that it is too difficult for a state to leave the United States.

That’s like saying a couple won’t get divorced because they just bought a big expensive house in a bad economy.

My parents tried sticking together because it was too expensive to divorce. One year after they made that decision, my mom tried to light my dad’s truck on fire (with him in it), and he moved into a horse trailer. Needless to say, neither one cared about the foreclosure and my mom was happy to move into a tiny apartment.

If you consistently tell your spouse how awful they are for long enough they will eventually leave — no matter what a mortgage (or a court ruling from 1869) says.

Every time we publish a Tweet calling someone a “libtard” or purchase a Dumbf—istan t-shirt, we get closer to that moment where one half of the union just says, “I’m out — no matter what you try and do to stop to me.”

Can those preferring the PC fantasy world and those following reality really divorce? It is tempting.