The Scramble for America

The Scramble for America, by Steve Sailer.

The Scramble for Africa became possible when Europeans began to use quinine to lessen the ferocious toll that malaria took upon whites. Before the later 19th century, Europeans had barely penetrated into the interior of tropical Africa. But as indigenous diseases became less lethal, a great enthusiasm arose in Europe to colonize Africa. The fraction of Africa ruled by Europeans grew from 10 percent in 1870 to 90 percent in 1914. (By 1977, the percentage was zero. A century of experience with Africa left whites with rather little interest in it.)

Similarly, the 21st century is witnessing the Scramble for America and Europe as technological innovations boost the population of the Third World and also make migration easier. In particular, the recent spread of the smartphone has emboldened the young men of the Global South to set forth on the adventure of a lifetime crossing the Mediterranean, with the payoff in mind of the most famously beautiful women in the world awaiting them on the northern shore. …

Population 1950-2010 Africa, ME, Europe

Of course, if African fertility control doesn’t happen, and soon, much of this vast population will, if allowed, leave Africa. The disruptions caused to Northern cities such as Detroit in the second half of the 20th century by the Great Migration of 7 million rural Southern African-Americans offers an eye-opening preview of the effects of what promises to be a Greater Migration two orders of magnitude larger. …

A few self-confident countries, such as Israel and Hungary, have virtually eliminated illegal immigration through simple expedients such as border barriers.

Australia bound to be caught up in Huawei fallout

Australia bound to be caught up in Huawei fallout, by Greg Sheridan.

The decision by US judicial authorities to put the Chinese telco giant Huawei and one of its most senior staff, Meng Wanzhou, on trial is likely to become one of those watershed moments of modern geostrategic history. …

US authorities have charged Huawei with stealing intellectual property and trade secrets, and ­financial fraud around disguising its commercial relations with Iran in order to disobey US laws on sanctions. Meng, who was arrested in Canada, has been charged with a narrower range of related offences. Huawei denies all wrongdoing. …

Almost every big US law enforcement and intelligence agency has weighed into the matter. …

FBI director Christopher Wray says: “Huawei has repeatedly refused to respect US law.” Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen says: “Huawei and its chief financial officer broke US law and engaged in a fraudulent financial scheme.” Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross says: “These indictments are law enforcement actions and wholly separate from our trade negotiations.” Acting Attorney-General Matthew Wh­i­t­aker says: “These are very serious actions by a company that appears to be using corporate espionage.”


These cases, and possibly others to follow, could be in the courts for years. They unveil an ugly ­reality. The challenges resulting for Australia are greater than for any other nation.

Why? Because we have a bigger proportion of our trade with China than any other nation. We are the only Five Eyes Western nation located in Asia. We live in a region that is the centre of US-China strategic rivalry. Beijing has already shown a tremendous keenness to subvert our politics, constrain our strategic options and direct our behaviour. …

US and British agencies have told us that the biggest sources of hacking, cyber-espionage and theft of intellectual property emanate from the Chinese state. Off the record, the national security agencies of almost every Western nation tell the same story.

Given that fact alone, it is ­unthinkable to allow Beijing to dominate 5G networks around the world, but especially in our country. … Western agencies believe that if Chinese companies provide the 5G technology they will be able to steal limitless amounts of information and, should they ever wish to, disable or even control operational networks. …

Trump came to office determined to correct the trade imbalance between the US and China. He did not initially articulate the hi-tech, cyber security and 5G problems. US sentiment against Beijing’s gaming of the trade system was growing irrespective of Trump and would have found strong expression in a Democratic administration. …

Xi, on the other hand, has completely reversed the direction of institutional, political and even ­social development for China. He has abolished term limits and effectively made himself president for life. … Beijing’s emerging social credit system applies mass information technology and unprecedented surveillance in a hi-tech version of George Orwell’s totalitarian state, reversing earlier cautious trends towards liberalisation and an ­independent legal system.

Australian Labor hostile to older voters

Australian Labor hostile to older voters, by Simon Benson.

Labor’s tax philosophy is based on an easily understood principle: tax those who aren’t your people and funnel it through to those who are.

It is a formula most often cloaked in terms of fairness and ­inequality.

So the extraordinary thing about Chris Bowen’s tax taunt yesterd­ay was not so much what he said, but that he said it at all.

The opposition Treasury spokesman’s challenge to older voters that they don’t have to vote Labor if they don’t like his plans to take $55 billion in dividend imputation cash refunds from them, tore away that cloak. He may have been stating the obvious, but it was a rare ­articulation of Labor’s hostility to this demographic and the politics at play. …

Australian Taxation Office data shows that the most numerous group claiming tax credits on their Australian share dividends — but not necessarily the refunds — were women older than 75. The aggregate amounted to a value of about $1.1bn a year.

Labor is likely to get away with the cash grab, however. Only those who receive the refunds have any idea what in fact they are and how they work. As far as Labor is concerned, these are largely peopl­e who don’t vote Labor.

The assumption is that very few other people care and Labor is ­unlikely to lose a seat over this ­policy.

Opinion: Clinton headed for landslide of North Korean proportions

Opinion: Clinton headed for landslide of North Korean proportions, by Darrell Delamaide from August 2016. Those were the days, eh lefties?

The implosion of Donald Trump’s campaign as he continues to demonstrate that he lacks the temperament to be president has left Hillary Clinton virtually the sole electable candidate in our erstwhile two-party system.

That makes the United States a one-party state, at least for this presidential election, much like Russia, North Korea, China and other antidemocratic nations we look down upon.

Clinton nominated at the Democrat’s convention, 2016

As Trump digs his hole deeper, Clinton has wasted no time moving to the center-right where she is most comfortable, embracing neoliberals in the economy and neocons in foreign policy while abandoning the Bernie Sanders progressives who won nearly half the Democratic Party delegates. …

Progressives are seeing their worst fears realized as Clinton, now that she has fended off Bernie Sanders’s insurgency and secured the Democratic nomination, abandons any pretense of a progressive agenda. …

Progressive commentator Thomas Frank was even more, well, frank, in an op-ed for the Guardian headlined, “With Trump certain to lose, you can forget about a progressive Clinton.”

“As leading Republicans desert the sinking ship of Trump’s GOP, America’s two-party system itself has temporarily become a one-party system,” Frank wrote, and that one party has foisted Clinton on us in an undemocratic and corrupted process that “bears a striking resemblance to dynastic succession.”

A reader comments:

Why do we need political experts? Do you remember the Clinton hype?

The Democrats Have A Serious Radicalism Problem, And Kamala Harris Just Proved It

The Democrats Have A Serious Radicalism Problem, And Kamala Harris Just Proved It, by Ben Shapiro.

On Monday evening, … Harris embraced every radical position available to her – presumably in an attempt to crowd out candidates to her Left, including Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

With that strategy in mind, she embraced Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s so-called Green New Deal, which would cost an estimated $49 trillion over the next ten years, as well as slashing the military in half, eliminating natural gas and coal within 11 years, and banning gasoline-powered vehicles.

She also embraced nationalized health care insurance to the extent that she gladly stated that she would “eliminate” private insurance… And Harris embraced a full-scale ban on semi-automatic weapons. …

Democrats, honing in on President Trump’s personal unpopularity, apparently mistake the public rejection of Trump’s personal foibles for public warmth toward full-scale Leftism. There’s simply no evidence of that. That’s why Democrats are panicking over the possibility of a third party candidate like Howard Schultz, former Starbucks CEO, who could siphon off many anti-Trump votes by not running as a complete loony. There’s room for an anti-Trump centrist in this electorate – and that running space has been created by a Democratic Party beholden to its radical base. …

Democrats may face the possibility that Trump’s popularity ratings matter less to the general public than Democrats’ extremism.

Reader Scott:

The best we can hope for is that this narcissist keeps shooting herself in the foot. The otherwise most dangerous person in politics — at least in the US … and the world, if given a chance.

The 2020 election should be a cracker. In addition there is a recession looming for late this year or early next, which could upset the massively loaded apple-cart of debt. It will make many people feel seriously poorer, and call forth all sorts of snake-oil excuses from the left for turning on the printing presses. The carbon dioxide theory of global warming will be outed, as based on a modeling error made in the 1960s. PC fantasy versus reality from every direction.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific

Experts Claim Every Kind of Weather Proves Global Warming Is Fer’ Real

Experts Claim Every Kind of Weather Proves Global Warming Is Fer’ Real, by John Nolte.

The US is undergoing a cold snap at the moment. For the last three years, each year’s cold snap has been more severe than the last. From Anthony Watts:

Desperately cold weather is now gripping the Midwest and Northern Plains of the United States, as well as interior Canada. The culprit is a familiar one: the polar vortex. …

Forecasters are predicting that air temperatures in parts of the continental United States will drop to their lowest levels since at least 1994, with the potential to break all-time record lows for January 30 and 31. With clear skies, steady winds, and snow cover on the ground, as many as 90 million Americans could experience temperatures at or below 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-18° Celsius), according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

Warnings abound that even ten minutes of exposed skin can give you frostbite.

The Great Lakes of the USA, yesterday.

Let’s change gears from reality to spin/politics:

Naturally, this launched a million reactionary headlines from our oh-so objective, unbiased, not-at-all left-wing media.

“Look at This Embarrassing F*cking Moron,” screamed Esquire.

“Debunking the utter idiocy of Donald Trump’s global warming tweet,” pouted CNN.

“Here’s Why the Crazy Cold Temperatures Prove Global Warming is Real,” Forbes says reassuringly.

“What Trump keeps getting wrong about Global Warming,” the Washington Post helpfully reports.

But here is my personal favorite headline from, where else?, NBC News…. “Yes, it can be this cold outside in a time of global warming.”

There are three Party slogans in George Orwell’s 1984, his masterpiece about an all-controlling centralized government that runs on lies, terror, and propaganda. See if you can pick out which Party slogan I invented among the four:

  • War is Peace
  • Freedom is Slavery
  • Ignorance is Strength
  • Frigid Weather Means Our Planet is Getting Warmer

The Climate Hoaxsters say that this run of cold weather does not mean the planet will not warm over the course of years, which would sound reasonable if these were not the same Climate Hoaxters who told us Global Warming meant the “end of snow,” or that this winter would be “warmer-than-average,” or that a run of warm weather last winter proved the planet is warming. …

You see, last year our Climate Hucksters told us a run of warm weather proved the planet is warming, which means we all have to give up our freedoms to a centralized government in order to save the planet. BUT… a run of frigid weather this year also proves the planet is warming and we all have to give up our freedoms to a centralized government in order to save the planet. …

Any student of history can look back and discover that all of history’s mass-murdering socialists — from Hitler to Stalin to Mao — have manufactured audacious lies and scapegoats as a means to consolidate power into a malevolent Central Authority.

Back to reality. I predicted in 2014 that the 2020s would be cooler than the 1980s. Global warming would turn to global cooling around 2017. See the reasons here, particularly Figure 2 here. So far we’re on track.

Btw, the Australian summer is hot but not especially hot this year, it’s just the BOM playing tricky with the numbers. In 1896 it was so hot over 400 people died of heat in Australia, but the BOM only start their “official” records in 1910. See here.

Meanwhile climate change is figuring prominently in yet another federal Australian election. It is the main reason given for PC “independents” standing against Liberals.

hat-tip Charles, Scott of the Pacific

Jennifer Buscemi is the deepfake that should seriously frighten you

Jennifer Buscemi is the deepfake that should seriously frighten you, by Mikael Thalen.

Deepfakes — videos in which an individual’s face is superimposed onto another — continue to advance at a quickening pace.

The technology, which relies on machine learning and artificial intelligence, was once largely relegated to researchers at prestigious universities. But over the past few years, a growing online community has democratized the practice, bringing powerful and easy-to-use tools to the masses.

One of the public’s first introductions to deepfakes came in late 2017. A Reddit group devoted to placing the faces of prominent female actresses onto those of porn stars gained attention. …

That video — which combines actor Steve Buscemi with actress Jennifer Lawrence at the 2016 Golden Globe awards — is turning heads. Not because anyone believes it is real, but because of the video’s implications.

Utilizing a free tool known as “faceswap,” VillainGuy proceeded to train the AI with high-quality media content of Buscemi. With the aid of a high-end graphics card and processor, “Jennifer Lawrence-Buscemi” was born. VillainGuy says the level of detail was achieved thanks to hours of coding and programming as well.

Video is no longer proof, as of late 2018. There is political mischief ahead.

Maduro pummels Venezuelan slums as his power comes under attack

Maduro pummels Venezuelan slums as his power comes under attack, by Mariana Zuniga.

A culture centre run by Maduro loyalists was burnt down. …

Maduro called the arsonists “fascist criminals,” and residents in the western Caracas enclave paid the price. Mask-wearing special forces, locals said, swarmed the suburb last week, kicking in doors, rounding up young people and imposing a curfew.

The assault on Puerta Caracas is part of what observers call the most ruthless crackdown unleashed by Maduro since coming to power in 2013. Over the past week, similar operations have extended to at least five other rebellious slums across the capital, leaving 35 people dead – including victims as young as 16 – and more than 850 arrested. …

Government security operations, including those by Maduro’s fearsome Special Action Forces (FAES), are moving in on the desperate barrios once loyal to him. In the past, middle- and upper-class residents have led the protests; this time, it is the poorer sectors of the city that have convulsed in rebellion, igniting choruses of an expression long used by the opposition: “When the slums finally rise up, Maduro will fall.”

The government pushback carries echoes of 2017, when protests were brutally quashed, leaving more than 100 dead. But this time, use of lethal force and arrests, experts say, has been far swifter.

Socialist governments always seem get to a stage where the socialist leaders impose their will by sheer brutal force. Coincidence? Of course not. Anyone still advocating strong socialism needs to come to terms with this phenomenon and explain in advance why it would be different when they are in charge.

Jury awards Sen. Rand Paul upwards of $580,000 in civil suit against neighbor

Jury awards Sen. Rand Paul upwards of $580,000 in civil suit against neighbor, by Laurel Mallory. In November 2017 Senator Rand Paul was assaulted by his neighbor, during a time of several violent incidents against non-PC people by enraged lefties. From 2017:

Republican Senator Rand Paul was the victim of a physical assault in his Kentucky home, suffering minor injuries. The perpetrator, reportedly Paul’s neighbor and a registered Democrat, has been arrested.

Rand Paul was “blindsided” by the attacker … the altercation … left Paul with difficulty breathing as a result of a “possible rib injury.” He is also said to have suffered bleeding from cuts around the mouth, according to the website. …

Boucher is an anesthesiologist …

Jeff Jones, a registered nurse who worked with Boucher at the Bowling Green Medical Center, described Boucher’s politics as “liberal.”

“He was active on social media and said some negative things about the Republican agenda,” Jones said. …

The neighbors had been known to have “heated discussions” about health care, Bullington said, adding that Boucher is an advocate of a national health system.

Today’s news:

Paul sued his neighbor, Rene Boucher, after the 2017 attack left him with multiple broken ribs. The senator sought up to $500,000 in compensation and up to $1 million in punitive damages.

The jury awarded Paul $7,834.82 in medical damages, $200,000 for pain and suffering and $375,000 in punitive damages — totaling $582,834.82. …

In 2018, Boucher pleaded guilty to the assault and was sentenced to 30 days in jail.

Senator Paul recovered, the news is good, justice was done.

Glenn Reynolds:

Remember, when they do their “have you no decency” bit, they never have any decency of their own.

Stop The Climate Stupidity

Stop The Climate Stupidity, by David Archibald. David lets rip in a longish lecture about what he thinks is likely to go on with climate and energy. Names some names on the Australian political scene.

Let’s start with the question “has the world warmed?” The place to begin is global sea ice area. This is measured by satellites that went up 40 years ago in 1979, on a daily basis. If the world was warming, ice would be melting. The global sea ice anomaly, the red line, is as flat as a biscuit. No global warming here.

We are often amused by the antics of simple-minded primitive peoples who don’t understand how things work. One of the more amusing cults of our time is the cargo cult in New Guinea, in which natives constructed fake airfields and planes in order to attract real planes to land and disgorge cargo. That particular belief is harmless enough. But from time to time primitive peoples can be gripped by messianic visions that do a lot of harm, to the extent of wiping our their tribes. One of the best documented of this kind of destructive cults was the cattle killing frenzy of the Xhosa tribe in 1856 in South Africa. Most of the tribe starved to death and some resorted to cannibalism.

The closest historic parallel to what Australia is doing to
itself is the 1856 cattle-killing frenzy of the Xhosa tribe in what
is now South Africa.

  • A teenage girl named Nongqawuse and her friend Nombanda
    went to fetch water.
  • Upon returning, she said that they had met the spirits of three of her ancestors who had told her that the Xhosa people should destroy their crops and kill their cattle.
  • In return the spirits would sweep the British settlers into the sea. Then their granaries would fill again and their kraals would have more and better cattle.
  • The cattle-killing frenzy that followed killed between 300,000 and 400,000 head of cattle.
  • In the resulting famine, the population of the province dropped from 105,000 to fewer than 27,000.

We can laugh or weep at such mindless stupidity but we are no different today. In their fits of religious ecstasy, the Labor governments in South Australia and Victoria destroyed coal-fired power stations before their time was up. …

This graph shows the AEMO data dashboard for the east coast power market, as at five minutes to six pm on 24th January, 2019. This data is updated every five minutes. The states that blew up coal-fired power stations in fits of religious ecstasy were paying about 100 times the cost for spot power, compared to the states that hadn’t fully started down that path.

Read it all.

One Nation’s Mark Latham ramps up calls for burqa ban in NSW state buildings

One Nation’s Mark Latham ramps up calls for burqa ban in NSW state buildings, by The West Australian.

Controversial One Nation candidate Mark Latham has got behind Pauline Hanson’s calls to ban the burqa, labelling the Islamic garment as ‘sexist, anti-social and silly’.

The former Labor leader, who joined up with right wing One Nation in November last year, argued that voters in NSW had become ‘very worried’ about the issue and that it was time to follow the lead of nearly a dozen countries worldwide who have banned full face veils. …

“The truth is we can’t build a stronger society unless we can talk to each other face to face, literally.

“It’s a policy to bring people together where we can actually talk to each other and cross racial and religious boundaries.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Let’s Not Delude Ourselves – Brexit Is War and the EU Is the Enemy

Let’s Not Delude Ourselves – Brexit Is War and the EU Is the Enemy, by James Delingpole.

Finally I understand everything: why Brexit is proving so impossible to negotiate; why Leave voters are more determined than ever to get the hardest Brexit possible, preferably No Deal; why Theresa May keeps caving to Brussels; why the political class is so out of touch with the electorate; why this can only get uglier…

Actually, I knew the answer to all this before. And so did you.

It’s really very simple: the European Union is a totalitarian superstate run by sharp-suited, hatchet-faced technocrats who have no interest whatsoever in freedom, fairness, justice, probity, logic, first principles, or economic reality. Their project is — and always has been — an end in itself: a conspiracy against the people by the liberal elite to subsume them, whether they like it or not, into a vast, anti-democratic, politically correct, socialistic, borderless supranational bureaucracy with its own government, military, currency, tax regime, rules system. …

I’ve just watched the first episode of the BBC’s documentary Inside Europe.

Did you see it?

It was extraordinary. This viewer caught perfectly my reaction – and, I suspect, your reaction too.

… These people our enemies. Never forget this. We have no beef with the people of France or Germany or any other European state — I certainly don’t. But the leaders involved in the European project are different: jumped up little tics like Nicolas Sarkozy and Emmanuel Macron, though they may not look it, are every bit as great a threat to our sovereignty and independence and freedoms as Napoleon was; Chancellor Merkel, in her mumsy, patronising way, is really no more friendly to Britain’s national interest than one of her toothbrush-moustached predecessors was. The fact that they don’t threaten us with force of arms is just a reflection of their preferred methodology and of the times — not of their intentions. They mean to crush us and bend us to their will not with Voltigeurs and Imperial Guard en ligne or with Stuka bombers, this time, but with endless red tape and directives.

We’ve beaten these bastards before — many, many times more than they have beaten us. We can beat them again.

This is an independence war we are fighting for the future of our country. In such circumstances, almost any amount of inconvenience, even suffering, is worth it for the end prize of victory — and freedom.

So there. He said it.

hat-tip Chris

Establishment Media versus PerDiePie: It’s all about Political Control

Establishment Media versus PerDiePie: It’s all about Political Control. By Paul Joseph Watson. If you are interested in the power struggles going in the media …

This is where a lot of political debate is really taking place nowadays. Not in parliaments.

Over the last three decades the left, with their mainstream media dominance, has constructed an alternative world view. It is based on deliberate untruths that support leftist policy aims. Heh, why would they not do it? The left today are postmodernists, who say everything is a construct, that there is no such thing as truth, and that it’s all about power. If they believe that, or at least go around saying it, why wouldn’t they construct their own world view, no matter how false and fantastic? Hence we have a world nowadays where the chief underlying struggle is between politically correct fantasy world and reality.

No wonder the PC mob hate people on the Internet pointing out they are wrong, that their fantasy world does not jibe with reality. Anyone who disagrees with their fantasies is a Nazi, just wrong, wrong, wrong. I sense a train wreck and a hangover in the future of many SJWs.

High School Students Disqualified From Debate After Quoting Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson. PC people just cannot stand representatives from the real world, who don’t kowtow to their political fantasies. Got to stop students from paying any attention to realists, got to label them as BAD. If this goes on too long, Western Civilization is in big trouble.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific

It’s time to ‘take out’ environment ministers who fail on climate, says Oliver Yates

It’s time to ‘take out’ environment ministers who fail on climate, says Oliver Yates. By Katherine Murphy.

Oliver Yates, the son of a Liberal politician and longtime party member, wants to take on Josh Frydenberg in a seat once held by Robert Menzies to start a people power campaign not only in Australia, but around the world.

The former Macquarie banker, and head of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, who will confirm his intention to run in Kooyong as an independent publicly on Wednesday, says the challenges of climate change are now so serious, so pressing, that citizens need to “take out” their environment ministers when they occupy the portfolio but fail to protect the environment and the climate. …

Frydenberg, Yates contends, has policy views that are out of step with the majority of Kooyong electors, and “had plenty of opportunity to stand up in relation to the environment when he was minister, or even now, as a more influential person, but he’s failed to discharge his duty in relation to environmental responsibility”.

The PC agenda has taken over in opinion-forming and business circles, creating PC people who are nominally “right-wing”. Wealthy people mostly vote left, or at least “PC right”, nowadays.

Another “independent”. Again we see the Labor Party dressed in fake garb to win over Liberal voters. This time it’s a former Liberal who proposes Labor policies to get rid of Frydenberg.

hat-tip Joanne

Stalin and Mao the key as Xi engineers China’s soul

Stalin and Mao the key as Xi engineers China’s soul, by Paul Kelly.

In June 2017 former China correspondent, former Turnbull staffer and then principal international adviser in Prime Minister and Cabinet, John Garnaut, delivered within the department the analysis he had long contemplated — Engineers of the Soul: Ideology in Xi Jinping’s China. …

Now he wanted to describe that ideology. It begins with the recognition communism was grafted on to the classical Chinese dynastic system, and the leaders of the People’s Republic “never really changed the mental wallpaper”.

“Xi Jinping has exercised an unwritten aristocratic claim to power which derives from his father’s proximity to the founder of the red dynasty: Chairman Mao,” Garnaut says. “He is the compromise representative of all the great founding families. This is the starting point for understanding the world view of Xi Jinping and his princeling cohort.

“In the view of China’s princelings, or ‘revolutionary successors’ as they prefer to be known, China is still trapped in the cycle which created and destroyed every dynasty that had gone before. In this tradition, when you lose political power you don’t just lose your job. You lose your wealth, your freedom, probably your life and possibly your entire extended family. You are literally erased from history. Winners take all and losers lose everything.

In the Chinese formulation it is ‘you die, I live’. I must kill pre-emptively in order to live. Xi and his comrades in the red dynasty believe they will go the same way as the Manchus and the Mings the moment they forget.” …

The Chinese communists love Stalin:

“Crucially, Mao split with Khrushchev because Khrushchev split with Stalin and everything he stood for.” …

Garnaut says: “The essence of Maoism and Stalinism is perpetual struggle. This is the antidote to the calcification and putrefaction that has destroyed every dynasty, dictatorship and empire. This is why Xi and his peers believe Maoism and Stalinism is still highly relevant. Not just relevant, but existential. ” …

Garnaut calls his address “the bit we forgot to study”. It was ­designed to bust the notion of China as a normal country. This is how the Western educated mind is trained to think, and it is false. He says if you’re in the business of dealing with China in intelligence, defence, higher education, trade, economics or whatever, then you need to understand the ideology of Lenin-Stalin-Mao and Xi.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

It’s time to blow up the bureaucracy that’s killing America

It’s time to blow up the bureaucracy that’s killing America, by Philip Howard.

For decades now, Americans have slogged through a rising tide of idiocies. Getting a permit to do something useful, say, open a restaurant or fix a bridge, can take years. Small businesses get nicked for noncompliance of rules they didn’t know. Teachers are told not to put an arm around a crying child. Doctors and nurses spend up to half the day filling out forms no one reads. Employers no longer give job references. And, in the land of the First Amendment, political incorrectness can get you fired. …

A bureaucratic mindset has infected American culture. Instead of feeling free to do what we think is right, Americans go through the day looking over our shoulders: “Can I prove that what I’m about to do is legally correct?”

Every Republican administration since Reagan has promised to cut red tape with de-regulation. “Washington is not the solution,” as Reagan put it: “It’s the problem.” But Washington has only gotten bigger during their terms in office. That’s because deregulation is too blunt: Americans want Medicare, clean water, and toys without lead paint. …

Mindless compliance replaced human judgment. A new problem? Write another rule. The steady accretion of rules is why government has become progressively paralytic over the past few decades. …

Back in the old days, of say, JFK or Howard Baker, government fixed problems by giving some official that job, and then holding them accountable. Congress authorized the Interstate Highway System with a 29-page statute, and nine years later, over 21,000 miles had been built. Today, the red tape would probably prevent it from being built at all.

Religious Freedom and the Rule of Judges

Religious Freedom and the Rule of Judges, by Tony Abbott.

It was the intention of the Turnbull government and it’s now the intention of the Morrison government to maintain and protect religious freedom. …

The question, of course, is how is that best done? And obviously, what we shouldn’t be doing … is enshrining a general right to freedom of religion.

Because a general right, unlike specific practical protections, will end up not being what the parliament intends it to be. But it will end up being what judges say it is.

It is in the nature of general rights that they have to be interpreted and, in practice, the law in such cases ends up being what the judges say it is.

You give the judges enough scope and they go from being interpreters of the law to being, in effect, makers of the law. This is a real problem, given that judges are not accountable in the way that lawmakers normally are. Under these circumstances, the rule of law can easily become the rule of judges and we can easily find ourselves living not in a democracy so much as in a judge-ocracy. …

Equality of opportunity and meritocracy is being eclipsed by equality of outcome and group politics:

Dr Gabriel Moens … went on to say that affirmative action “is in danger of becoming a racket: the only real beneficiaries of affirmative action may turn out to be women, and upwardly mobile middle-class women at that, and a man who wants to deal with this issue is treated as a trespasser, he might have ideas incompatible with those of the feminist groups.”

hat-tip Augusto, Stephen Neil

Stossel: Jordan Peterson vs. “Social Justice Warriors”

Stossel: Jordan Peterson vs. “Social Justice Warriors”. Strong stuff.

That idea infuriates leftists. “It should infuriate them,” Peterson tells Stossel. “Because I’m going right at the heart of the radical leftist doctrine.”

That doctrine is social justice, the idea that all groups should have equal outcomes; that there should be just as many female CEOs, scientists, and computer programmers, because men and women are essentially the same. If outcomes differ, it must be sexism.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific

MSP Ross Greer brands Churchill ‘mass murderer’

MSP Ross Greer brands Churchill ‘mass murderer’, by the BBC. Greer is a 24 year old Member of the Scottish Parliament.

Green MSP Ross Greer has repeated his controversial claim that Sir Winston Churchill was a “white supremacist” and a “mass murderer.”

He told the BBC’s Politics Live that his view was indisputable and that “history records this”.

The worrying thing is this person has so many years of ‘activism’ ahead of him. It would help perhaps if he spent a few years in the workforce actually doing something.  Not to mention having had a decent education, perhaps.

Armed teens descend on train station where mates were bashed by 30 youths

Armed teens descend on train station where mates were bashed by 30 youths, by Ben Graham.

Weapon-wielding youths yesterday descended on a Melbourne train station with baseball bats looking for another group of young men — who they accused of carrying out a shocking bashing and robbery.

And a furious father has lashed out at police officers — who he claims were helpless to save his teenage son and his mate being bashed and robbed by a group of up to 30 youths as they walked home from the cinema on Sunday night.

Anthony Ferrari took to Facebook to vent, saying his 14-year-old son Xavier had been set upon by the large group — who he describes as being of African appearance — at Wyndham Vale train station.

In the post, he wrote that his son was pushed to the ground and the group then stole his iPhone and necklace before bashing the teenager and his mate.

Mr Ferrari said two Protective Services Officers (PSOs) were nearby, but “just watched”.

How predictable. Has it happened like this, elsewhere in the world perhaps? Our dimwitted ruling class, denying obvious realities and desperately striving not to appear “racist”, has created a major headache for Australia.

Reader Philip:

In the absence of meaningful law enforcement, white gangs will form to fight black gangs. Now that’s diversity.

hat-tip Philip Barton