The Great Boomer Deception

The Great Boomer Deception, by Devon Stack at Black Pilled. Culture is upstream of politics, and this tackles the cultural evolution of the last 50 years. Dissecting the propaganda. Highly recommended, if you have half an hour.

A reader notes:

It’s long, but I watched the whole thing and found it fascinating.

It explains a lot, especially about how the post WWII generation blew the West up. But it carried on long enough for them to enjoy what centuries of wealth building had made possible economically, by the western culture they set out to overturn — just in time to be taken care of in hospitals and nursing homes, that can’t in fact be afforded, and then die, leaving the ruins to us. Thanks.

Scott of the Pacific:

Watched the entire video…..sad. Change was needed and necessary, but like many things, it went way to far. Projection indeed.