Save Queensland Rural Colleges: Priorities for the Bush

Save Queensland Rural Colleges: Priorities for the Bush, by Viv Forbes.

The executive director of the Saltbush Club, Mr Viv Forbes, said that for too long tax payers have watched federal agencies like CSIRO waste money on climate models that do not work, on carbon accounting that is not needed, on never-ending climate jamborees and on re-invention of “carbon farming”.

“They also watched in disbelief as then-PM Turnbull in one afternoon found $444 M to donate to a small charity living off the Great Barrier Reef.

“Our great rural industries need trade-skilled people with relevant academic knowledge. They do not need urban academics in green uniforms who are hostile to rural industry.

“Farmers and graziers would prefer their taxes were spent on local colleges educating their sons and daughters in practical skills rather than sending them to the coast to learn how to smoke pot, drink beer, buy ice and follow the green religion.

A reader chimes in:

To me, the climate change issue feels much more likely to become a cause célèbre for the Left.

Maybe it’s me, but the over-riding impression I get is of Western societies fragmenting with very divergent views about what matters, let alone what action to take to improve things. Look at the USA and Trump’s fight with Democrats and some Republicans about the border with Mexico.