France Yellow Vests March on ‘Collaborator’ Mainstream Media Headquarters

France Yellow Vests March on ‘Collaborator’ Mainstream Media Headquarters, by Oliver Lane.

Anti-government protesters turned out in Paris and other French cities for the seventh Saturday running, as activists called for direct democracy — to take power out of the hands of political elite — and protested against the mainstream media.

As in previous weeks, many protestors carried placards with the abbreviation ‘R.I.C.’ — “Citizens’ Initiative Referendum”, a demand for popular referendums that would be automatically triggered by any referendum calling for a change in government policy getting 700,000 signatures.

If enacted, the introduction of referendums triggered by the public rather than given as a gift by politicians would likely see a massive reorientation of political power in France away from the political elite and even traditional political parties, a clear desire of the Yellow Vest movement which has reacted strongly against Emmanuel Macron’s globalist government.

The route of Saturday’s march took hundreds of protestors to the doors of mainstream French television stations, which the Yellow Vests accuse of having aligned themselves with President Macron against the French people.

Demonstrators shouted “Journalists — collaborationists!” and threw stones reports the Associated Press.

Reader Philip:

I would say that there is little fear of Gilets Jaunes being taken over by the loony-left now.

IF this report by Breitbart is correct, then the demand has coalesced from a rather wafty protest against ‘this and that’, to a demand for an end to top-down rule. An end to Le Roi Emmanuel (and his ilk) and a return to genuine democracy in other words. It is a seismic demand.

I am riveted by this — even more than the Brexit imbroglio.

It has long occurred to Joanne and me that the most effective place to hold a protest in Australia — on climate change stupidity for example — is outside the ABC HQ in your capital city. Go directly to the heart of PC. Other news organizations will find it fascinating.

Interesting to see that the yellow jackets are now employing that tactic, in a French context.

hat-tip Philip Barton