Mass Migration is a Globalist Weapon

Mass Migration is a Globalist Weapon, by Alex Newman.

The French people are tired of this mass migration. People all over the world are tired of it. They did surveys here in Europe and Europeans are overwhelmingly opposed to this. …In many cases, the strong majority wanted an end to the Islamic mass migration and the governments just do not respond to the will of the people.

You have millions from totally alien cultures with totally alien beliefs. They don’t speak the language coming in, and they are being used as a battering ram to take down the nation states and Western Christian civilization. They want to do the same thing in the United States. …

These globalists have been openly telling us this and I did interviews on this at the Polish conference last week. They said hundreds of millions are going to be headed our way very soon. So, this is an existential threat to the United States. ….

These people pushing for this have absolutely have no concern for these immigrants. They hate the immigrants just as much as they hate us, but they recognize this is a very useful strategy to break down national sovereignty. They have said so themselves on many occasions.

Peter Southerland who is the former boss of Goldman Sachs and became the UN Representative for International Migration said this openly. He said we are going to use these mass migrations movements to break down national sovereignty and these old memories of our countries.

We have a very serious problem on our hands and I think Trump understands this. This is why he is putting so much political capital here to make sure the border security gets taken care of while there is still time. …

Back when Democrats were updating their platform they had actual members of the Communist Party USA and members of Democratic Socialists of America. They had actual members of these Marxist parties on their platform writing committees. They hate God, and they will tell you so. They hate free markets. They don’t like borders. They want globalism and they are willing to sacrifice our country, our liberties, our Constitution and our republic to get it. For me, it’s how quickly and how easily they dropped the mask. I think now they are counting on this mass migration to make up the numbers. . . . Now the Democrat party needs to fill up the voter rolls, and so they use dead people. They use illegal immigrants. They use fraudulent votes, and that is their strategy. They know the American people who love liberty will not turn over their freedom and their country.