Bernard Gaynor Under Attack by Lefty Lawfarers

Bernard Gaynor Under Attack by Lefty Lawfarers. Bernard Gaynor is a conservative Catholic who “has the courage to speak up when politically-correct totalitarianism demands silence.” He has a background in military intelligence, and in Arabic language and culture. He went on three deployments to Iraq with the Australian Army. He is a married father of seven children, and “an advocate for family values that work; the protection of children and all life; and the preservation of Australian society from those who would replace its Christian heritage.”


I checked Bernard Gaynor’s website last night as I do occasionally but found it offline, except for this:

I have faced more than 100 taxpayer-funded inquiries into my views on marriage, family and morality since 2013. None of the allegations against me have been substantiated. I estimate that this anti-conservative witch hunt has cost the taxpayer more than $5 million.

Much of the litigation against me has been brought by one activist who has stated that he is seeking to lodge as many complaints against me as possible to bankrupt me and seize my assets. Unfortunately, on four occasions since 2013 the legal system has decided to ignore this malicious motivation.

As such it is simply not possible to continue writing in the current environment. It is too dangerous to do so.

I will continue to vigorously defend myself in the courts. If you can donate to support my legal defence it would be greatly appreciated. Please also keep me and my family in your prayers.

Once (and that is a big ‘if‘ in modern Australia) I get through this nightmare I intend to recommence writing.

Sad. A bureaucracy and judiciary who are rather sympathetic to the lefty activists, and selective enforcement by all levels of government, make for a hostile environment for those of us protesting globalist big government and their PC ways. The rules are applied very differently if you don’t go along with the politically correct. Note also that they do not argue with his ideas, only attempt to shut him up by any means short of non-state-sanctioned violence.