Shutdown: Unplanned PAID Vacations

Shutdown: Unplanned PAID Vacations, by Karl Denninger.

The constant lie is that all these “poor federal workers” won’t get paid. Some 700-odd thousand of them, about half of whom have to report to work anyway, and the rest who are furloughed.

This is a flat-out lie.

In every shutdown thus far, including the long ones years ago, every single time Congress paid all of the federal workers when the shutdown ended, including those who didn’t have to work.

Thanks Joanne!

Congress and the Press typically run their breathless lie about all those “poor federal employees” who have to work but won’t get paid. Then, when the shutdown ends, retroactive pay for all of them is always included including those who were furloughed and didn’t have to work. The amount of reporting that includes the fact that the shutdown was a paid vacation for every one of the latter, and that nobody lost a single dime of pay, is inevitably zero.