Eurocrats conspire to thwart democracy

Eurocrats conspire to thwart democracy, by Jennifer Oriel.

[The EU] has grown beyond an alliance of states building a European common market into a ­bureaucratic leviathan that interferes with every aspect of life, including family relations, child-rearing, freedom of thought and expression, and the free exercise of faith.

Worse still, it politicises societies to the degree that citizens and entire nations are judged according to their professed loyalty to PC dogma. Open borders, multicultural ideology, minority fundamentalism and casual antipathy to Western civilisation are the common values of Eurocratic elites.

Dissenting individuals and states are held up for public ridicule and suffer retribution from Brussels.

The EU is a caricature of liberal democracy in its most degenerate form. Its cadres denounce democracy when the tide of public opinion is against them. They are so arrogant as to believe that their ­arguments require no proof. They have so little regard for the truth that politically correct ideology is presented as fact. They dismiss the Western tradition because its basis in public reason means the peasants can speak truth to power.

Yep, seems about right.

hat-tip Stephen Neil