From Iraq to Gaza, from Egypt to Syria, fewer Christians in the Middle East

From Iraq to Gaza, from Egypt to Syria, fewer Christians in the Middle East, by Daniel Greenfield.

This Christmas, there will be fewer Christians celebrating in their homes in the Middle East than ever before.

Before Obama, Nineveh Plains hosted 90,000 Christians. Today, it’s under 40,000.

Nineveh is one of the first cities mentioned in the Bible. The Nineveh Plains are the heartland of Syriac Christianity. But now the plains are barren with ruined churches and deserted homes in formerly Christian towns and cities. And that same story repeats itself across Iraq where 81% of Christians have disappeared.

In Mosul alone, over 100,000 Christians were displaced as Jihadists marked their doors with an “N” for Nazarene. From cities to small towns, the end of the year bears witness to a Christian genocide. …

An estimated 200,000 Christians fled Egypt in the face of the rising tide of Islamist violence. That’s nearly 5% of the population. When hundreds of thousands of Muslims flee a country, it’s dubbed a genocide.

But when hundreds of thousands of Christians escape religious violence, the world turns a blind eye. …

Christian refugees now outnumber Muslim refugees 3 to 1. …

Even though Egyptian Christians predated the Muslim colonists and invaders, Islamic terrorists taunt them as “crusaders” and vow to purify the Islamic colonized region by driving them out.

The globalists and their media are very insistent: Muslims good, Christians bad.


hat-tip Scott of the Pacific