Dennis Prager to Young Conservatives: ‘Everything the Left Touches, It Ruins’

Dennis Prager to Young Conservatives: ‘Everything the Left Touches, It Ruins’. By Denis Prager.

“Liberals are not leftists, but they foolishly, foolishly, fear the right more than the left,” Prager stated. “We are liberals’ best friends. The left is the enemy of liberalism.”

“The only thing liberals and leftists have in common, the only thing, is support for bigger government. But on liberty, one of the central issues of liberalism, the left is anti-liberty. Liberty is not a left-wing value.” …

Trashing America’s successful culture:

“Everything the left touches, it ruins,” Prager said. “It is a force for destruction.”

He later provided a few examples.

“The left has ruined English departments and ruined anthropology departments and ruined all of the social science departments,” he said. “The boy scouts are no longer the boy scouts, because they take girls. The left has pushed them to take girls into the boy scouts.”

“Doing good is irrelevant to the left, feeling good is all that matters,” Prager claimed. …

If not now, when?

Prager concluded his speech by giving a farewell message that he said he would tell his own daughter.

“If you are going to compromise on what you believe for grades in college now, what won’t you compromise on what you believe later in life?”

More precisely, totalitarians ruin everything they touch. Islam, Marxists, and the increasingly bossy and totalitarian new left in the West.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific