Tucker Carlson Is Right — Never Apologize!

Tucker Carlson Is Right — Never Apologize! By James Delingpole.

As Cassandra Fairbanks reports for The Gateway Pundit:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is not backing down from the liberal rage mob that has lead to multiple companies pulling advertisements from his show.

On Monday’s episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, the outspoken host refused to back down from his statement that illegal immigration makes the country “poorer and dirtier and more divided.”

The commentary naturally led to the left grabbing their torches and pitchforks and calling for advertiser boycotts. Four companies, Pacific Life, Nautilus Inc., the parent company of Bowflex, NerdWallet and SmileDirectClub all caved and pulled their ads. Three others who faced hysteria from the left, Farmers Insurance, Mitsubishi and Bayer/Alka Seltzer all refused to back down and said their ads will continue to air.

True to form, Carlson responded to the backlash with facts and statistics — refusing to self censor.

Carlson’s response isn’t a sign of maverick stubbornness. It’s a sign that like President Trump — (whom he doesn’t much admire, but they do have this in common) — he’s one of the few conservatives out there who understands how to fight the culture wars. You need, at all times, to treat your enemy — the Left — with much the same tenderness, love, and respect the U.S. Marines felt towards the Japanese when they were taking Okinawa. To do otherwise is suicide.

It’s depressing how many conservatives don’t understand this basic and empirically proven truth. …

When you face down the bullies, on the other hand, at worst, you score a draw and you quite often win.

Carlson’s credibility as a doughty and happy warrior of the right can only soar as a result of his decision not back down.

James then goes on to quote at length from David Archibald’s article on the Wentworth Report about standing up to green activists at company AGMs. A reminder:

The Carnarvon Petroleum AGM this year was marred by a greenie woman repeatedly asking questions about climate, as it was last year. … That got my goat up, so when the opportunity came I asked him this question:

I am extremely disappointed that the board has chosen to squander shareholders’ funds by planting trees in order to fight a make-believe problem. Can you tell us how many trees are involved, the cost, the tree species, and can shareholders visit their trees?

The room erupted in laughter and the greenie woman remained silent after that. …

Basic cultural warfare, folks. You need to engage, or your world will be taken away from you.

hat-tip Stephen Neil