Mr Trump, You Cannot Win In 2020

Mr Trump, You Cannot Win In 2020. By Karl Denninger.

The election was held in 2016. In Florida, in the last two years, 263,946 foreigners were granted permanent lawful residence in the State of Florida. Exactly zero of them are interested in Republicans.

Donald Trump won the State of Florida by 112,911 votes, or fewer than half the number of migrants granted permanent residency in the last two years alone. …

It is thus entirely reasonable to expect that by 2020 Florida will have several times the number of new Democrat voters required due to migration to destroy any chance he has in this state.

In short Trump cannot win Florida in 2020 and without Florida he cannot win re-election. …

Put a fork in Trump; unless he dismantles all the medical monopolies, or something equally vital to virtually everyone in the nation (I remind you that for the 80% of people not employed in health care killing those monopolies would instantly boost their income by at least 15%!) the Democrats could run Snoopy and win.