Bill Shorten’s Four Fatal Promises

Bill Shorten’s Four Fatal Promises, by Andrew Bolt.

In 2007, Kevin Rudd launched Labor’s successful election campaign with this cry against the Howard government’s cash splash: “This sort of reckless spending must stop.”

But once in power, Rudd launched his own titanic spending spree and critics flung his words back in his face.

In 2010 it was Julia Gillard’s turn, promising: “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead.”

Breaking that promise caused a collapse in voter trust that ultimately led Labor to sack her.

But some political lessons are never learned. In 2013, hours before he led the Liberals to victory, Tony Abbott vowed: “No cuts to education, no cuts to health, no change to pensions, no change to the GST and no cuts to the ABC or SBS.”


Shorten’s promises start at 1:35. Basically:

  1. Activist doctors to be able bring illegal immigrants from Nauru, thus undermining deterrence of illegal immigration.
  2. Abolish negative gearing — it cannot lower house prices for younger buyers yet not lower house prices generally.
  3. Create another Parliament for aboriginal Australians, advisory only. Racist, tribalist, and divisive.
  4. Cut greenhouse gases by 45%. Insanely expensive. Do some due diligence, Electricity Bill.

Eminently regrettable promises.