Advertisers flee Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s show as controversy grows over immigration remarks

Advertisers flee Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s show as controversy grows over immigration remarks, by Kristi Turnquist.

Controversy continues to grow in the wake of Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson’s comments about immigration, as an increasing number of companies have pulled their advertising from his show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” …

The advertiser exits have followed an episode of Carlson’s show last Thursday, in which the host talked about Central American migrants at the U.S. border, commenting that illegal immigration makes the U.S. “dirtier.”

Yes, trash. Lots of it. See the video below. Drugs in public, massive misbehavior, etc. Willfully misunderstood by the dishonest left, to imply racism.

Carlson addressed the backlash to his remarks on his show Monday evening. He again aired the clip from his Thursday show, in which he said that rather than immigrants who possess the skills needed to work in an evolving economy, “instead we’re getting waves of people with high school educations or less. Nice people, no one doubts that, but as an economic matter this is insane. It’s indefensible, so nobody even tries to defend it. Instead our leaders demand that you shut up and accept this. We have a moral obligation to admit the world’s poor, they tell us, even if it makes our own country poorer and dirtier and more divided.

Hard hitting. Full of truths the media will not tell you.

Monday night, Carlson again stated that illegal immigration has been harmful to the environment and stated that he had no plans to change his position. “We’re not intimidated,” Carlson said, “and we plan to try to say what’s true until the last day.” An on-air message appeared at the bottom of the screen, which read: “We won’t stop telling the truth and any attack on this show is an attack on you, the audience.”

If they can deplatform Tucker, they can deplatform anyone.